Monday, August 31, 2009

Alone in the Dark with ART

Rick St. Dennis
Assemblage CS4 Digital copyright 2009

Okey Dokey then…I have a question?

WHAT is going on in design? I seem to be thrashing about in a sea of “WTF?” without any sense of whether or not I am swimming upstream to spawn great new ideas or if I am slowly drowning in the weight of my own misconceptions…someone throw me a life preserver…

Vampires, I think its vampires…we did pirates to death didn’t we and that’s…ahhhh, OVER, right?

Anyone want to vote in here? It could be a charitable act as I think I am starting to panic…

I seem to need a new direction from grunge, I’m tired of borders full of curly ques and vegetation…there are suddenly page after page of free Photoshop brushes on DEVIANT that want my designs to include sutures or vampire bites…BATS even...

I almost feel as if I need to pass amongst the teeming masses and read their tattoos carefully, perhaps pass out anonymous poll sheets entitled “Whither Design in Latter 2009?”

I’m sure I see a trend: NURSES and VAMPIRES!

No one seems to have made the Vampire Nurse an icon yet but it could be coming…

Harry Potter? Over, right? The kid actors are now somewhat bizarre adults and are becoming irrelevant…Kathy Griffen has finally gone too far even for me…and I thought it was impossible to offend me…but am I actually offended or just weary of it all.

I obtained a couple delicious reissues of Noel Coward and Bea Lily recordings…delicious…that sense of re-meeting old friends for a chic cocktail in someplace smoky and divine.

What is my boggle I ask myself?

I am firmly clinging to the concept that I can’t let my midlife crisis drag me into such a state where I end up institutionalized, drooling and either staring vacantly into space, frustrated and empty OR WORSE bouncing off the walls while trying to avoid that huge orderly and his needle filled with “I don’t care”, poised to slam me full of complacency without having my permission slip on file.

Maybe it’s just too late…

I don’t understand how someone can kidnap an 11 year old girl, imprison and impregnate same for decades and when caught plead NOT GUILTY? Is there anyone who can sort that one out for me?

WHY are we not boiling tar and plucking chickens…it can’t be civilization…in a world where drive by shootings make vegetables out of 4 year old children and we allow it-we are FAR from civilized!

I guess I just need to GOOGLE “ART and DESIGN in 2009”…actually I did Google “ART AND DESIGN in 2009 and found the winning blog which I think may be GERMAN and featured abstract photography of women as icons dressed in rye bread and plastic cutlery?

Am I just OLD?

I look at fashion and I don’t get it.

They give high points for looking as if you are swathed in old bed sheets or for sporting a one shouldered green sequin sack so long as worn with the obligatory Jimmy Chou strappy sandals HOWEVER you need to be sure your stylist has the hair and makeup design together because the Vampire makeup cannot go with the NURSE JACKIE hair-it is an abomination and gets one a failing grade on OMG (Jimmy Chou be damned!).

Guidance, I need guidance…

Men may channel the spirit of Bond Street or Wall Street but in any moment of weakness for heaven’s sake stay off the Yellow Brick Road…that being said the gents seem to have less worries about hair and makeup (unless you are Marilyn Manson).

OH, whatever you do make sure your hair extensions aren't tacky and lip plumping is least we can relax about THAT one.

I go on record here, I have done the 60’s at least twice-the original voyage was new if a bit tacky but acid rock and a black light made it palatable (all drugs to one side),the 2nd time it was quaint. retro and as sugar coated as a Krispy Kreme.

We seem to love retro chic (as if we had never before seen lime, hot pink and orange all in one outfit or website or living room-bong optional- ever before in time).

I can’t go through shag carpet again…I just cannot…and yet there’s an asymmetrical auto out there with a circle of shag in the dashboard optional…you can order a car where the interior lighting can be designed as to style and colour and changed on a whim…how far can we be from total anarchy?

There’s a glitch in the Matrix, a ripple in the force or a bad moon rising and what’s all this 2012 Niburu, end of the world BS? WHY does no one seem to hear the voices of sanity that keep trying to soothe our panic by assuring us that the Mayans were on a recycle kick with their calendar and didn’t then nor now intend to panic the populace? No one seems to be listening.

We could be on the verge of doing Egyptian again-it has been a respectable distance between King Tutisms…but it’s too soon for more GOTH, doesn’t anyone see that?

Anne Rice made Vampires (or is it Vampyrs) beautiful…Nosferatu and Dracula OUT long live Lestat!

Except immortality aside Lestat is also OUT and TWIGHLIGHT is in…in a world as tenuous as ours the Tweeners have eschued Captain Jack for the pasty world of the living dead…beautiful forever…didn’t we do that in DEATH BECOMES HER?

I guess we have exhausted Jane Austen as well…nothing new from that camp of late.

The religious conspiracy thriller seems alive and well but it doesn’t do much for art and design=I mean, face it, Tom Hanks in bad hair does not a fashion trend spawn and the closest thing to a colour trend inherent is TOM BROWN.

Sorry, I had to go there.

I don’t know what any of this means but I woke up in the pre-5 AM darkness, panicky about the state of art in the end times and without a clear trend to latch onto…even PENGUINS are on the wane.

Maybe it’s time to scrutinize Disney again, African American princess kisses toad and SHE turns into frog…cynicism, we have attained the cynical society…Nurse Jackie certainly has a strong dose of cynic running through it with a lacing of sarcasm and contrite bitterness and a little hint of ennui…

The sun is rising time to shut the coffin lid on this conundrum for today.

Wither ART and DESIGN in 2010?…For me it will have an edge and contain iconic imagery with richer colours, Vampires maybe, Nurses…not so much.

No FROGS neither!

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