Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Firstly, I don’t claim to be an expert I claim to be experienced-I don’t think my work is superior on the contrary I am amazed by how much talent there is in the world and these days much of it rests with our young people who have a vision and abilities that are beyond me.

What I want most to share in this BLOG is my passion and love of creativity and sometimes how to do things the old long hard tedious way.

I believe it is important that we don’t lose the old ways in the midst of the computer/digital age.

A number of years back a client came to me with a perfectly terrible Italianate table that had a trompe l’oiel painted marble top.

The table top had been terribly damaged and needed refreshing and restoration-I suggested (as I always do in these situations) that she call a local art museum and find a curator to do the repairs.

She assured me that the table had great sentimental value and she valued my work and her trust in that work more than a certified restoration by a stranger.

Reluctantly I took on the job and for the next few weeks I taught myself how to restore a Trompe l’oiel Marble table.

Thus has my career as an artist/designer progressed; when I was approached to design needlework kits I learned needlework, same for collector dolls and silk screened t-shirts; I learned the art form or the technical necessities so I could communicate with each company.

When I was fascinated with Photoshop and the possibilities it held I bought the ADOBE CLASSROOM IN A BOOK for version 4.0 or 5.0 (I don’t remember which now) and set about teaching myself how to create art with Photoshop-I own illustrator but have never yet befriended it in the way I have Photoshop.

Somehow PS and now CS4 make sense to me-we are compatible and mostly amicable mates.

So here I am at an advanced age having done flat art, painting and drawing, an attempt or two at clay, design for the theatre from costumes to sets to makeup to millinery, through interior design, product design, folk art and web art-now I am coming around to assemblage and what’s new in the design markets.

As always I am here to help-I have a wide collection of bits and bobs stored in my melon-they are there to be shared so if you have a question that I can answer feel free.

I say to you here at the beginning-create, design, explore, smile and play-don’t take any of it too seriously but at the same time gluing a rock to a seashell and saying it’s art doesn’t make it so.

There are considerations of design, texture, colour harmony, composition-so much that goes into any work of art be it minimalist or baroque.

Learn to edit, always be adventurous and love what you do but don’t take it personally if everyone doesn’t love your work-taste is a critic that is hard to argue with.

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