Thursday, August 27, 2009


It was way too hot today – like 100 at the beach – that is the definition of obscenity…I live at the beach so I don’t have to deal with nasty, sticky, miserable hot weather like the kind I put up with for 30 odd years living in the San Fernando Valley….YUCK!!!

It’s so easy to get warm and so hard to get COOL – if gas weren’t so expensive I would drive around just for the AC.

We aren’t insulated for heat here at the beach and I have no AC in the unit-so I have to rely on window fans-so far so good for sleeping although tonight feels like it may never cool off…

I found a quote online that says, “HOW can it be HOT as Hell one day and COLD as Hell another?”
I love that-it’s so true…our word usage is just way too far over the top sometimes.

I actually sit and dwell on these things, like being an INVALID…
In Valid…
You are sick so you have no validity but then you can RE COVER…
I thought the only thing one could recover was upholstered furniture? Strange!
WHY are cough, rough, bough and through (and trough) all spelled alike but pronounced differently?
Who thought up the spelling for PHLEGM?
New/ Knew/ Gnu…Fairy, Ferry, Faerie…Would, wood?

We have the nerve to wonder why English is just not adopted as a universal language and embraced with open arms by all.
In Spanish you have that little wiggly line over certain letter called a TILDA, In French they have a cedilla and Germans an Umlaut…those little double dots…they all tell you HOW to pronounce the word.
We have borrowed an occasional accent mark---stupid…

I was once a wiz (as in wizard) when it came to diagramming sentences, remember that? I don’t think they teach it any more, too bad; it was like a game to me!

Did you know you shouldn’t say you were JIPPED by anyone-it’s a derivation of GYPSY and therefore a racial slur?
Madonna got booed in Romania for defending the rights of the ROMAS for which the country is named.
The ROMAS are also known as Gypsies.
Why did they name the country after an ethnic subculture that is pretty much hated country wide?
I am sick of people talking about RACIAL DIVISION – there is only one race of HUMANS – you think there is division amongst cows because they come if various colours, shapes and sizes? PUHLEEZE…
While I’m at it get over the Homophobia as well…

Time to stop hating…haven’t you had enough? I know I have…

Hot weather brings out the worst in me, it really does…I don’t understand people who LOVE the heat...
I refer to them as Raisins.

Those would be people who love to lay in the sun inviting carcinoma until they are wrinkly, brown and desiccated…like Raisins.

Now watch I will have offended someone from a Raisin’s rights organization and I will be in trouble again.
If you can marry CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER and that doesn’t threaten the family unit why are people not allowed to marry who they choose? Gender be damned…
I wish stuff like this didn’t bother me so much.
I am currently trying not to use BUT or HATE so much…
I am told that BUT negates everything that came before it in a sentence and HATE is too strong an emotion to apply to inconsequential things.
(I HATE your outfit BUT I LOVE you freedom of style)
(I LOVE you BUT you make me HATE you sometimes!)

(I would BUT I can’t.)
OK the last one (terrifyingly) makes sense to me.
My hand is sweaty, it smudges my pencil lines, my paint dries too fast, HOT is not for Artists BUT I am coping.
I will be glad when it’s cool again no BUTS about it-I Hate the heat…

End of RANT
GEEZ! (You know that’s derived from JESUS-not good BUT I use it anyway Jesus probably didn't like the heat either).

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