Monday, August 24, 2009

Wishes and Dreams

I want to make this perfectly clear, whoever you are I wish you happiness, success and all good things.

It is my sincerest wish that you go through life happy and free from pain and the only tears you shed are those borne on the wings of joy.

I want for you the gifts of sight, insight and freedom to imagine…I wish you love in whatever forms it is lavished upon you, know that you deserve all these things.

We ALL deserve all these things…if a dream is a wish your heart makes (thank you Mr. Disney) then may all your dreams be wishes and may all your wishes come true.

Take these good thoughts, freely given, and bathe your soul in them, lavish yourself with an abundance of riches (for the cost to each of us is nothing and the rewards are many) believe this…

You have a responsibility since you have taken these wishes and to keep the world in balance you must pass it all on to the rest of the world, freely.

Some say we come into this world alone…we actually arrive hooked to our Mother and surrounded, in most cases, by people who are making sure we get here safely.

We then are separated and we begin the lifelong task of learning to live with ourselves…I fear some of us fail that series of lessons.

We seem to learn quickly what and whom we hate, what we don’t want, what we don’t like or want near us…so many things in the negative…we learn to think in the negative as well, we know what we like but we expect not to receive it. We know what we want but we think we will never get it.

We often want things that we simply can’t have.

I wanted to be five foot seven and weigh about 135 lbs. I am six foot two and have, in the past, weighed three times that much…well, almost. I don’t know that I will ever be thin, I have been much thinner, I’m working on it but then I’m working on so many things these days.

I love creative people - which means I love almost everyone.

What wondrous creatures we are don’t you find it?

Even those of us who don’t make things, don’t cook, don’t have regular outlets for our creative urges have found ways of displaying inherent creative abilities.

I know some amazingly good liars for instance.

Don’t scoff it takes real talent to be a good liar it takes remarkable world class talent to be amazingly good-it’s an ability that stretches creativity into the thin and heady air where string theory and quantum physics reside.

I am impressed by liars.

I think to be a successful liar one needs to be in the range towards amorality.

Too many morals and all the deception will keep you up nights; better to just think it doesn’t matter and get on with it, devil be damned.

Not the same thing but just down the street in a similar neighborhood is duplicity, the fine art of being two faced…another exhausting exercise in creativity…and acting, all that energy directed from a stage in a good play would be prize winning stuff, they pass out handsome trophies for just that sort of thing when it’s called acting.

Funny, actors will tell you its HONESTY that makes a good performance…

Now we come to the purview of the artist:

When we put down how we feel and how we see in a way that flows naturally from wherever all visions commence we are the most honest of creatures and we can transmit a message without a single word or with words as a part of the composition but in any case we have created a connection that is clear and honest and hopefully from the heart.

If you do a bit of research, another thing I love-research…if you do a bit you will find that many artists copied each other during various periods.

Brach (nude descending a staircase cubist) was indiscernible from many of the artists (including Picasso) who were in his Salon…there is a book, name escapes me, that shows canvases by a number of big names side by side-all very similar…then you watch as they move to the next experiment and as their inner creative self is engaged they go on that detour route that leads to their fame away from the others, each in their way.

Mary Cassatt seems to have never needed to trod the copyist route, she just evolved on her own terms but then she was a woman in a time when women were expected to leave drawing behind with girlish things and go on to taking care of home, family and husband. She had to have a singular will to succeed

I always taught my students that they shouldn't’t be any copy of me or a poor version of someone else but the BEST THEM that they could be-meanwhile I, firmly ensconced in the nest with my size ten topsiders firmly planted against their backsides, urged them to fly and soon.

I boldly (and bravely) taught decorative painting classes with no patterns to trace-I convinced an entire roomful of women in Canada within earshot of Niagara Falls to paint miniature landscapes based solely on a concept and a sample…THEY triumphed and I was thrilled-none of their work looked anything like mine a reality the glory of which was, sadly, lost on many of them.

Remember back there a quarter hour ago I gave you gifts of wishes, happy good wishes in your direction?

I saved one for here, I wish you a hopeful and curious heart…this is so valuable it should come in a golden box with purple ribbons and balanced on a velvet pillow… never mind, we can pretend…

It is so hard to get through life and come to an advanced age with hope and curiosity intact, perhaps if you are deficient you can find a way back to that point in your life where you lost one or the other and regain that wide eyed state of innocence where you hoped for everything and wanted to learn it all, to do everything without thinking about it, just DO…

I’m not going into the realms of fear and disappointment and all the dark shadows that lurk in the still, dusty, cobwebby corners of our brains-let’s leave that for another day far down the road.

Now, in this special moment between you and I, gather up your wishes and dreams and go forth, run, dance, fly, dazzle the world beyond with the glory of all that you are and all that you do.

At the very least…TRY.

Remember Dorothy? She had it all along, she didn’t need the gaudy shoes…you don’t need my good wishes either, you just need to be reminded that you have been ready for a long time to put yourself out there.

To succeed!

You may have pains in your joints or you may be too tired, other obligations, there are so many reasons NOT to try but think again, WHAT IS THE COST of NOT trying?

It is too dear a cost with which to be burdened…if nothing else, at least, TRY.

Trust me, sink or swim you will not be alone, there are always those who will be there one way or the other,YOU however, shielded in your glittering armor of wishes and dreams, will prevail!

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