Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beads, Jelly Beans and EGO...

Artist Trading Card 1/1
September 2009
Rick St Dennis//all rights reserved
collection of DIAN CRAYNE

I am currently consumed with Artist Trading Cards-what a satisfying art form!

Whoever thought of it and got it moving was a genius and it seems they will go on as an inexpensive and fun way for Artists and crafters to express themselves and their creativity.

The ATC is also rapidly becoming a way to express ones personal issues and even are parts of programs to collect cards on specific topics to make a statement.

A spousal abuse/domestic violence group is asking for cards about having a voice against violence and a bride will cover her gowns skirt with ATCs on the topic if they can get enough participation.

Artist Trading Cards are supposed to be traded never sold but the internet is rife with many people asking ridiculous amounts for their work-like one fellow who beads sports cards and then sells them for three hundred bucks each…having ruined the card by defacing it there can be no intrinsic value in the card itself and from what I saw on the website the work isn’t so spectacular that it deserves such lofty prices-but that’s my opinion who knows if the poor fool is actually selling any?

I remember back ten or so years a woman in the east who made quite a name for herself doing beaded sports and other trading cards but what she did was to actually BEAD a copy of the card onto aida cloth using thousands of beads in creating a single 3 ½ by 2 ½ inch piece.

Doing a card took many days and she even did one for whomever the sitting president was at the time (which is how she got noticed).

There was also that outfit that did famous paintings or portraits out of Jelly Bellies-another labor intensive and time consuming pursuit-seems like rhinestone or sequin versions also were around at the time.

The point is how various artists value their work and how those values are perceived by others.

I think many things in ETSY are very inexpensive-I wouldn’t hand crochet wash cloths and then sell them for a couple of bucks for instance-seems far too cheap for such an endeavor.

Remember those scarves that were made from Italian fibers back a few years-very popular and simple but time consuming and the materials were expensive-they had a fur look and at upscale department stores and boutiques they could be several hundred dollars.

You’d see really nice versions at craft shows and people would be complaining because they were fifty or sixty dollars---I always love it when a group of people walk into a booth and one is interested in an item and one of the others says “Oh don’t buy that, I’ll make you one.”

HELLO? Am I sitting here or do you assume that artists and crafters are immune to rudeness?

I always wonder if they ever do actually go home and knock out a Xerox copy of something they saw at a local craft show.

"Why is it so expensive?", is another question I used to think was really nasty and rude-but here I am complaining about some guy who wanta a few hundred dollars for beading a football player-not actually even the entire card-just parts of it-why IS it so expensive?

Oh, oh my other favorite-"Do you do these by hand?"---as opposed to...?

I thought it would be funny to get a t shirt that said-NO I USE MY FEET-but then I would have been in trouble again-political correctness sure has an impact on a sarcastic sense of humor.

I knew a woman who prided herself on being a Xerox machine-she would steal ideas from anyone and everyone she knew and was quite vocal that she had no real creative ability but she was really a good copyist.

She made a lot of money so she was doing something right; man did she hate it when the tables were turned and someone copied one of her copies…get out of the way because the volcano was about to blow!

I, myself, would be upset if I thought that my work was perceived as anything but original and my own.

That’s me; I like coming up with new ideas and even if I were influenced by someone’s work I would certainly not intentionally copy them.

Difficult in this altered art style, since we draw from the same sorts of images and ephemera to seem original.

I have been exploring dark subjects and more technique that an actual attempt at a style-funny that in trying not to be like others I have developed a style that is quite identifiable and am now trying to diversify away from that formula compositional form.

I seem to be fascinated with Vampires and somehow semi-lesbonic ideas neither of which as a topic are particularly fascinating to me but they seem to come up again and again in my work-also carnivals…but those ARE of interest to me and a friend Debbie (I think she uses Deborah professionally) Christopherson was the bearded lady in Showtime’s series CARNIVALE which I loved and hated to see end after 2 bizarre seasons.

Maybe I should get interested more in less warped images and try to do things that are happy and uplifting? Whimsical even...

I certainly won’t be doing anything with beads and sports cards-jelly beans… none of that stuff.

Three hundred dollars…if nothing else he has confidence…or is delusional…or both.

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