Saturday, September 5, 2009


It has been oppressively hot here in Southern California, Made worse by the smoke from numerous wild fires and the humidity flooding up from the south.

Despite the fact that we seem to have had hot weather for many years here, homes are just not constructed to fend off high heat, humidity and likewise cold and damp conditions.

We are used to mid to high 70s and when it rains we all stare at the sky like baby turkeys, most of however do not drown in the process.

Hot weather and I do not get along, I have always hated it and much prefer foggy, overcast and cool like San Francisco and Seattle however I like the terrain down here and the way things are less claustrophobic so I guess I’m stuck.

When I left the San Fernando Valley and moved to the beach I left my AC behind as well.

Air conditioning wasn’t needed this close to the surf line in times past now it may be an expense I will have to bear.

I don’t feel particularly creative when it is so miserable and close, I can hardly breathe much less consider exercising the agility of mind needed to put colours and images together to make good designs.

What I want to do is lay immobile in the breeze from a fan and do absoluty as little as possible.

Its cooler today, I can actually think enough to blog but even the heat from my lap top is irritating.

Oft times when I don’t physically ART I will think art and consider possible creations entirely within my head.

I have tried to explain in the past that I see, I think in images…so when I look at a blank surface the basics of a composition are already there-not however on the surface but rather in my head.

Then it’s a matter of getting those ideas down so that my brain doesn’t run ahead of my hand.

Colours and textures get changed and amended small changes get made, it’s all about adjustments and tweaking isn’t it?

I believe that some artists get frustrated because they are unable to tweak.
I found this to be true when teaching decorative painting.

Many painters had become consummate copyists but in that process has lost their ability to change things to their own tastes (something which I attempted to encourage).

While I fought in vain to teach ART they were stubbornly dedicated to something else.
Being at crossed purposes with ones students can only lead to a bad end.

I think I reached some people in the midst of all that frustrating collision of styles and techniques, at least there were those who told me I did.

At the end of the day the most important thing I suppose is to have somehow made a difference in the rocky road another travels.

If you can move a stone or two out of their way or send them down a less irregular path then you are successful as a teacher, perhaps the most important thing is to show them the way to navigate between the rocks and still stay on course-I haven’t yet come to a conclusion about any of this.

I always want people I come in contact with to do well and feel good about themselves.

As I’ve often said we are all damaged people, we persevere in spite of the damages we suffer.

When there is a huge rift in our lives it seems as if nothing will ever be the same again and many of us abandon the single thing we need the most, our creativity, almost as if we are punishing ourselves and withholding the thing we love most.

Perhaps we feel it’s disrespectful or self indulgent to do something that makes us feel good when we are expected to feel so bad, another one I have no decision on yet, I do however have a theory:

I think it’s like oppressive heat we are made immobile by the weight of discomfort, sadness, illness, whatever and we have to get to cooler climes metaphorically in order to function in that way again.

I think it was so in my life.

As I have come back for a very nasty time I redevelop a bit at a time but it has taken the longest to get back to being exited about creating again!

I am still rallying my resources, I am collecting bits of this and that, I don’t think we even aware how we discard and push away things that could tempt us.

Then there is that long arguing with one’s self about rejoining life.

Those who are creative are luckier than some others in that we do have a muse that is insistent and alluring, we can be tempted and we eventually will give in, at least most of us will.

ART has seen me through some really glum times.

On the other hand I have gone without it, at least without a major form of creativity, for long periods but have always come back eventually however much changed I was in the interim.

I can’t imagine my life without ART and I hope there will never be a reason that have to.

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