Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poor Alice...LUCKY ME

Artists Trading Card
Rick St Dennis 2009
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It’s absolutely astonishing how many of us live in the happy lands of WHAT IF, IF ONLY and MAYBE SOMEDAY.

Frankly they’re not happy places at all just safe because they are familiar.

I love to teach and I love to learn-I am on an almost constant foray for higher knowledge and it takes huge restraint upon my behalf to NOT teach-not say something when I have a little extra knowledge on a subject that I feel might benefit someone.

ART for example is one of those areas-I can do RAH RAH for you endlessly but what will you gain except a RAH RAH mentality?

On the other hand if I point out to you that while what you have done is fine it could be improved and here’s how…do you even want to hear that?


I know when I have done something good, I know when it’s not so good and I know (on most occasions) when to abandon hope and bin the entire program in favor of a new start.

“Make it work” can often mean stand back and assess what you’re doing and see if you're even in touch with anything valid, don't beat yourself up, just take a breath and start again.

Listen when TIM GUNN says it on Project Runway but also watch his face-I feel he and I could talk on and on about under working and overworking and knowing when to edit.

I have no idea if Tim Gunn has any design ability but like myself he can see the road getting dim for others and help pull them back onto the path and he does it with kindness and stern, loving caring.

The way you learn is to trust and the trust comes from seeing that someone has your best interests in hand and they know what the hell they’re talking about.

I want to go back to teaching again this time concentrating not only on creativity but also on attitude.

So many people are talented and they don’t see it-it’s a pity.

Your level of talent has nothing to do whatsoever with anyone else other than yourself-it’s not a contest and if you must make it a competition do something else or better still compete with yourself.

Don’t berate yourself but give yourself “very good advice” as Alice said as she sat dismal and lost in Wonderland (a nearby neighbor of the land of IF ONLY).

“I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.”

How true is that?

How many of us know exactly what it we need to do, how to do it and even ways to get around some of the less attractive bits required in order TO do it but do we bother with any of this at all?

Not often.

We are busy feathering our not so comfy nests in the land of Maybe Tomorrow, when the time is right, when I feel better…there are so many kingdoms-thank God we have so many queens (and princesses).

Time to not languish in that place of whenever/whatever and move to sunnier climes-don’t you think?

It’s not an easy move; first you must lighten the load and declutter the dusty closet of “I’ll take care of that later”.

That task alone can be daunting and time consuming-I have been on it for over six months now and every time I think the shelves are bare I find some nasty little jiggery bit huddling in a corner which must be dealt with.

My next post will be about that journey.

Damn exhausting is what it is!

One can also become side tracked-an old adage referring to the days when less important trains were placed on sidings (unused tracks) where they moldered for hours or even days until the tracks ahead were clear.

Here is some free advice: There will probably never be a better time than NOW.

Yes there are things you should or might do first but that doesn’t preclude you from doing THIS too.

PRIORITIZE but then don’t procrastinate, later is HERE…when the bloody hell do you think things are going to be so perfect and uncluttered that you will do what you want when you want to your heart’s content?

Come out of there; whatever secret garden, left corner of hell just to the right of I GIVE UP where you have exiled yourself and rejoin the human race---or at least try---make a step.

Make a contract with yourself, make sure you are a good agent in the negotiations and that the rewards are all worth the efforts-now go for it.

I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and I do believe that “We’re all MAD here”.

Mental health aside we (Artists) are as interesting as people get (the rare total dolt aside) so ART because you can, CREATE because you must and get back in touch with passion…not the sweaty, sticky kind (well, then again…) but the “I rise in the morning ready to see what I will make from and during TODAY”.

You will thank me for this post.

I have already thanked myself…I give myself very good advice and I am FINALLY learning to follow it.


  1. Yup ~ I thank you for another thought-provoking & inspiring post. I'm an avid learner too, and am grateful you love to teach and share and enlighten and confess and create and fully live. Gracias!

  2. Wow I've truly enjoyed reading this post and will go back and read previous ones as well. so you are a member of ATC World too. I'm looking forward in getting to know more about you and see more of your work!!!

  3. My dear friend (I think) Francine got me involv ed and I am hooked on ATCs---I belong to altered_stARTs and ATC World on yahoo groups and do lots of swaps on Swap Bot as well---you can see many more of my pieces at my online portfolio
    Thanks for your kind words...

  4. Truly love your posts I too believe in the restorative joy of ART and I write ART in blocks it is such an important part of my life. But I do not prioritise I do procrastisnate all the time And also self doubt. so thanks for writing what I'm thinking.


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