Saturday, November 7, 2009

Controversial Musings...

Why is it that we tend to react from FEAR first instead of from curiosity or love?

So many angry people, demonstrating hate that barely masks their terror-it’s tragic.

No one understands separation of church and state anymore---it’s all mixed up in personal vendettas and political correctness and I don’t know what else…

ABORTION…now there’s a topic!

I myself could not abort a litter of kittens-well, especially kittens---something ickier---a litter of wart hogs…

I think it’s a shame there has to be abortion in an age of birth control being so readily available.

I think once is a mistake, twice is shame on you and after than its just stupidity as one becomes an abortion junkie.

All that said-IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS and I am violently pro-choice.

Well, now wait, it IS my business because I don’t think tax dollars should be paying for abortions I think private foundations should do that and after the OOPS one there needs to be some serious counseling.

It is also my business to be an advocate for women’s rights to do what they need to do as a woman because I don’t have to carry an unwanted child, go through childbirth and all that stuff…I don’t’ want to go back to the D and C 50’s and make abortions into a back alley money machine that is dangerous and smarmy.

What if every time a woman was denied an abortion they also were obliged to disclose the father of the kid and then HE had to have a vasectomy?

What if the anti-abortion people were the ones that had to take care of all those unwanted, abused, neglected children, many living in poverty, some born drug addicted and the pro-choice folks were excused?

It starts to get ugly and complicated doesn’t it?

I can’t imagine what a woman goes through when she decides to terminate a pregnancy.

You see these people who are reunited after years of separation, finding their children that they gave away…the emotions are intense but then what happens when the fire dies down?

A woman who has terminated a pregnancy can never reunite with that pregnancy…it’s just over.

This entry is all because someone challenged me when I said that the Male/Father should have no rights in the woman’s decision to abort…I think there should be input especially if the couple is married and of course this assumes that he isn’t cheating, beating her up on the side, mentally abusing her…so many variables…and what if they KNOW the child will be born to suffer? Genetic problems…

AGAIN I couldn’t do it…it takes a brave soul, a strong soul, resolute dedication to a plan to go and say, “I can’t go through with this.”

I have no clue in those dark tortured hours of the soul what follows that so final an act…

ANGER, murder, terrorist acts, intimidation all these words are common to both sides of this issue-JEEZ a guy just shot a doctor inside his CHURCH---makes THOU SHALT NOT KILL a real double edged sword doesn’t it.

“Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to WAR…”

So many horrible things have been done in the name of religion…the auto de Fe, the inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the crusades…

Do you even have a clue how much ART, writing and culture has been burned or destroyed, suppressed in the name of religion?

In 2009, this year, a minister burned books on Halloween including any copy of the Bible AFTER the King James Version.

What part of WRONG do they not understand?

When did God stop speaking to them, seems like he didn’t just go to sleep after the dark ages nor do I think he enjoyed the bonfires…Faggots were for burning…why torture and kill your earthly self to wash men of sin and then go on torturing and killing men because of the way they thought?

A selfish. angry and vengeful omnipotent super being---way too scary.

I thought GOD is/was LOVE.

Love the sinner hate the sin? Where is the forgiveness in that?

Love one another as I have loved you…that I understand…unconditional love.

I couldn’t abort a litter of Cobras but I could drive someone to a place to have it done, I could understand why they had to do it and I wouldn’t think less of them afterwards---so long as they didn’t make a habit of it.

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