Thursday, November 19, 2009

We hold these TRUTHS...ART in the revolution

I realized that writing on the walls…our personal graffiti as bloggers, the words that are extensions of our hearts and minds as artists bears weight in the lives of others…

When I started blogging it was to put out my message that insecurity is a widespread disease and no one is alone in their personal voyage of “am I good enough?”…

The progression of what I write and how it is written has a direct correlation to what I am producing as an artist…blogging and art are connected and perhaps are collectively an art form…electronic journaling…

Concepts assail me constantly…I am fascinated by the intricate connections that concepts create-I may be becoming a conceptual artist creating a body of work that is creating a body of work ad infinitum.

We, the collective sense of the word, we as people, artists, creative entities, all the complex things we are, we…have built so many bridges in the time of our generations…now we must decorate them…

We are obligated to (conceptually) paint the signs and begat illustrative diagramming to lead the way across those bridges and assure the generations to come that our foundations for them are firm, secure and everlasting.

As I have repeatedly postulated HATE is FEAR…fear is lack of education…people are encouraged to fear and thus supported in our feelings of hate.

If we are busy hating each other or hating concepts that we don’t understand we are divided and being divided keeps us weak.

We congratulated ourselves for escaping the Orwellian future that had been predicted for mankind.

I present to you that we are firmly enmeshed in exactly that 1984 scenario as phantom threats and menaces fill the news, VIRAL has become a word that fills our senses applied to our bodies, minds and concepts.

We fear viruses-diseases of our physiologies and our computers but applaud the viral video that rearranges our thinking and quickly spreads a concept that might otherwise go unnoticed…

Do you see how VIRAL has become” thinkspeak”?

It’s a good - bad -scary –friendly-everything and nothing sort of conundrum…how many other similar concepts infect our daily lives?

If it is good or bad, right or wrong, liberal or conservative it matters little because the spin masters have our attention and have convinced us that we are thinking on our own when we think collectively.

RUSH LIMBAUGH is paid millions of dollars a year to do exactly what TOKYO ROSE was indicted for as a war criminal-disseminate propaganda.

Being a “DITTO HEAD” is a good thing in the world of the Limbaugh conservative; we are on the eve of a new war and it terrifies me:

We are about to fight a constitutional defense of the rights of people under the FIRST AMMENDMENT to have the right to LIE and call it news…

FOX NEWS along with others like Limbaugh and O’Reilly twist and turn and tweak anything and everything they disagree with in the world they inhabit and put it out to the HATE/FEAR Ditto Heads who hang on every word and meet the other DITTO HEADS to share and stoke the fires of ignorance never once stopping to consider that what they are swallowing whole may be PROPAGANDA.

If you haven’t read 1984 you may want to pick up a copy and really read it before it’s gone forever.

ARTISTS, an inclusive term for visual, theatrical, literary and all other creative minds that produce original thoughts and images are in imminent DANGER!

Free thinkers have never done well in totalitarian worlds.

I am still aghast that we live in a world where there are people who deny the holocaust and moreover make it something about JEWS…ignoring the deaths of Gay people, gypsies, intellectual free thinkers and the physically/mentally imperfect as defined by the Third Reich…many artists of all persuasions were included in that holocaust.

There is a documentary about a school class who does a symbolic art piece about the holocaust using paper clips to represent people…in doing so they had been concentrating on religious persecution but suddenly they (collectively) realized that they were ignoring thousands of other lives that had been extinguished and had no voice…it is a touching and deeply important realization and I encourage you to find and watch this documentary called PAPER CLIPS.

“Whitwell Middle School in rural Tennessee is the setting for this documentary about an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education. Struggling to grasp the concept of 6 million Holocaust victims, the students decide to collect 6 million paper clips to better understand the enormity of the calamity. The film details how the students met Holocaust survivors from around the world and how the experience transformed them and their community.”

ART built a bridge and decorated it, added signage and did all the things that being an ARTIST and creating ART demands of us.

I find that often I am troubled by thoughts such as these in the dark, cold middle of the night when I stop the racing of my mind and seek comfort in sleep, try to slow down and rest…rest often doesn’t come instead I examine my concepts or a thought bears fruit and what comes out is a painting in words (to the best of my ability) seeking to share my concerns and quandaries before they are lost in the stuff of living.

I thought my days of being a soldier for the betterment of civilization were over; retired with my tie dyed t shirts and peace signs in exchange for a more dignified intellectual sharing of my deepest thoughts and a more elegant and complex representation of my minds images via my art.

I find I may have been wrong…because ANGER is an active part of daily life for me as I hear people spew forth MEGA DITTOS to the like of Rush Limbaugh, Dark Lord of Think Speak…

We dare not ignore them, that would be exactly the road taken by people in the early days of the Nazi rise to power, we must be vigilant, active, we must even risk being considered revolutionary.

We live in a world where the profits of oil companies are more important than the rights of individuals, where the lies of a few are protected by the laws we made to protect the truths of many and where the basic concept that separates CHURCH and STATE which the designers of our constitution knew was of tantamount import to the success of this country and ultimately the world is being ignored; allowing 7% of the population to dictate their radical beliefs to the majority of the population.

As in times past it now falls to the ARTISTS to pick up the banners and amidst the creation of things beautiful and soul stirring we are obligated to use our abilities to also remind the DITTO HEADS that there are many who do not revel in the false security of lemmings running in packs toward their own doom.

Whatever we believe in our truths are based on our individual thoughts and concepts NOT a consensus of opinions dictated to us by others.

Whatever we create as artists speaks of our personal beliefs and visions not the dictates of society.

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