Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sisters of Mercy

I want to share this piece of work with you-It’s not particularly original-I got the idea elsewhere and just put my own tweek on it…

The images are mostly from a digital ephemera pack I purchased…

The reason I’m showing it here is that my work has become stale…

I was looking at early things and then at some recent things and I see that I have a set of composition styles and ideas that were interesting and then became molds into which I fit other images.

I pride myself on originality and occasionally I do something that I really like-I know when it happens because I spend a great deal of time looking at the finished product and enjoying it.

I have been looking at other ATCs and noticed that there isn’t a lot new or fresh or exciting-a lot of the work going around is getting stale and everyone looks like everyone else…

I don’t want to pick on anyone but take STAMPIN UP for instance…nice company, good products but it seems (at least from the UTUBE demos) that they are appealing to a group that is already challenged by insecurity and saying. “COPY THIS and feel better about yourself”.

I suppose that’s ok but where is the challenge and the impetus to move forward in the “copy it” school of thinking?

Most companies will say it’s a starting out point and by copying you learn (see the Renaissance art studio movement) and as you learn you will begin to experiment and move off in your own direction.

People who are frightened, insecure and feel “less than” aren’t known for their great interest in setting out into the unknown wilderness of creating armed with nothing but a collection of copies and some rubber stamps.

CRICUT (Provo Craft) is another TOOL that costs a great deal of money and does the work for you so you can layer together bits and bobs and come up with something that ultimately looks like everyone else’s.

HOWEVER-in defense of Provo Craft: They have gone an extra step and designed an ART STUDIO software program that claims you can design your own things and encourages you to explore the wonderful world of design (read: Photoshop for Crafters) – if it’s true I like it and say BRAVO Provo!!!

TIME seems to be a huge issue with people who want to craft-they haven’t any.
Maybe they just would rather watch “Dancing With The Stars” or “30 Rock” and do the paper crafts later?

I am one of those people who has HEARD a million movies but actually has seen very few-the Telly keeps me company-sometimes the radio-I listen to the Talk stations but mostly I work on my stuff-stale though it may be.

Also, as many who know me will attest I am often horrified to find that I started a project at noon and suddenly the sun is coming up on a new day and I have forgotten to eat or sleep and everything is cover with confetti and snippets and bits but I have 100 ATCs done and in their envelopes.


Probably to all three-I do have a one mindedness when it comes to ARTISH things and I will ignore pain and growling stomach in the quest to finish.

Maybe therein lays my problem…

I am the same about video games.

I love those find the hidden object solve the puzzle and the mystery epics but once I start them I have to finish them (same with a good book-page one to the end in one sitting). Crossword Puzzles…

Maybe it’s all a puzzle that requires finishing and anything with pieces that must go together and end up neatly wrapped at the finish is in the same drawer high up in the great file cabinet of my brain?

There is something about this that feels correct…I may have done my own therapy.
So that would also explain WHY some people are slow to finish-it isn’t a game or a quest or a driving force with them-they actually enjoy the process and want to linger over it OR their fear of the process puts the obstacles in their path to send them away from finishing and off to do the laundry or the whatever instead.

I also am not responsible for any living thing but me-not cats, gerbils, fish or children---the latter being the most time consuming although they are often easier to entertain than CATS.

HUSBANDS, like children, also require a certain amount of one’s time…and are decidedly harder to entertain than children since they find crayons and Barbies insulting.

They often don’t know what it is they want (other than attention) but they want you to figure it out for them instead of having such a good time doing whatever it is you are after with the papers, inks and glues.

When I was teaching I actually had a husband tell me (in a menacing manner) that he HATED me because I had convinced his wife that she needed some time to work on her ART and she would rather do THAT than have SEX with him.


A couple of hours making something pretty or 11 minutes of wonderful you?

Do the math…

Perhaps SIR, if you were to glitter yourself (after bathing) and gargled with something spicy and potpourri like? Then hide a craft store gift card somewhere on your person (don’t be crude) and play find the treasure (clean sheets, scented candles and preferably NOT at the end of an exhausting day considered).

Men, alas, seldom are this creative which is why I suggest finding them a hobby and preferably one that doesn’t cost as much as GOLF doesn’t include BEER and has no component named LOLA or TIFFANY )or GEORGE for that matter).

But I digress as I always do-I am told my brain is wired more like a woman than a man and to exist in such a state is not an easy thing…I have no intention of rewiring I assure you-since I like women better than men in most cases I am happy to share some degree of thinking like and understanding them.

ANYWAY back up above there I said I wanted to share the ATC with you not because it was so original but because of the words-my old pal Leonard Cohen…

“I’ve been where you’re hanging I think I can see how you’re pinned, when you’re not feeling holy your loneliness says that you’ve sinned.”

Be VERY kind to yourself and if no one else will GIVE you time then you MUST take it.

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