Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts at 3 am

I feel like, in many ways, I burned brightly but have now burned out when it comes to the digital art I have been doing.

I need to clean up my supplies, reevaluate the keeps and the recycles and start anew next year with a different perspective on the way I approach the engineering of my images.

I have good, interesting if quirky ideas- I like the swaps that challenge me to do a single striking piece that will speak to someone immediately-on the other hand I now need to start looking at making money and that will never be possible from ATCs but perhaps they can overlap with other art I make like my pen and inks.

I’m going to try it anyway.

Etsy seems to be a place where things sell out quickly if people can find them-interesting to explore and see what happens.

I MUST create-I must be creative-my calm and focus depends on it.

Sanity is overrated but on the other hand there is a nice warm centered feeling to being a bit relaxed and with goals and achievements dangling out there before you.

Simply an atypical use of colour can make me very happy, what I need to do next is not work it to death and get stuck trying to recreate the success again and again in the same way.

Variance is also important-Variety, new, fresh, unplowed fields and uncluttered unfamiliar landscapes awaiting the decorative aspects of imagination.

See it in the mind create it in reality-even electronic reality.

It’s a birthing that cannot be ignored once embraced.

On the other hand there is a grounded familiarity to taking up a pen and meticulously putting your ideas into a drawing that there is one of-an original that is only alterable after it is scanned into the computer world-and in that mixture of milieus I have had a good time making a mix of the real and the real-the original and the mixture of harvested and altered.

So wither I goest now?

Remains to be seen I suppose where I will land next in my lifetime of finding and seeking the next method of my expression.

There is still sculpture out there hovering-but I really don’t want to invest in more stuff…

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