Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it the middle of January all ready???

Oh hell-happy New Year…I’m annoyed-there’s been drama and I hate drama-I always forget how much people LOVE drama and I walk headlong right into it.

So here we are---2000 is a distant memory we are into the first of the double digit years of this new century and everything is going too fast.

I am sick of 2012 and the whole end of time business-enough!!!!

I am sick of KAWAII and ANIME didn’t we get over things with big eyes back with the Keenes in the 60s?

I had enough of personalities passing as celebrities, vampires as sex symbols and people weeping on the TV as they confess the sins of their pasts-Honey we all did stuff we shouldnta done-get over it….

I like Michelle Obama-I like her much better than pretty much any first lady that’s been around during my lifetime-she’s smart and eloquent and I suspect she keeps him in line and connected to her children.

It’s a crappy job that of first lady and of course being young. Tall and black the cameras are on instasnap to catch any bad hair, bad fashion choice or youthful oops she makes.

She’s the sort of person you would like to be able to call and have lunch with because you know you would laugh and hear some swell stories.

I got the “sore throat” mess that’s been going around the day after Christmas so while my 24 and 25 were super the week of New Years-not so much-I HATE it when antibiotics kills everything and you are chained to an area within 10 feet or less of the bathroom…aaah but I have probiotics so as soon as I was off the bug killers I started swallowing new bugs.

I have been arting and I have some great new stuff happening in 2010-simpler for sure but more graphic and clever than some of the first cards.

That’s it-I see doctors, I have been doing some custom cards for friends who have big special occasions, weddings, 90th birthdays that sort of thing so I don’t mind helping…I do my ATCs and look for gainful employment---doesn’t exist or I am overqualified.

Ah well this too shall pass.

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy 2010 I will try to get back to writing articles of substance for my blog I have been otherwise occupied-talk soon-outie…

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  1. hey rick, I'm wondering where the last 10 years went, let alone the last few days. Though I still find myself writing 2009 instead of 2010. I seem to be on a first name basis with my doctors--which is a sign I see too much of them. And I really do like Michelle Obama -- she looks like what we used to call "people" meaning someone you can sit down with and really talk. anyway, glad to see you posting a new entry. ttyl and see you on AlteredStart


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