Sunday, February 7, 2010

A bridge to the WORLD...

I have been thinking about how amazing the world we live in is…

Could you have imagined 20 years ago that you would be connected to the world via a box in your home?

That you would have “friends” and “compatriots” around the globe and could access them at the speed of light?

I have the luxury of Wi-Fi so I seldom go near my almost brand new desk top PC with its fabulous wide screen and gigabytes of Ram memory-I do everything via my wireless hookup in BED…my laptop has become my best friend and is like some hometown newspaper that I can’t do without.

I may have recounted somewhere along that the letters had worn off the keys and I am a visual typist as much as touch so I had to have the keyboard replaced but couldn’t bear the idea that I would be without my laptop for several days so I got the dealer to send the keyboard to me and I carried it and the laptop into the shop where they fixed it while I waited.

A little obsessive I admit but priorities are priorities…

Email is one of those thing about which I am still quite ambivalent.

As much as I don’t love the idea I long for the day when video messages are easy and common because the voice and inflection and facial expressions are included…email is too precarious and I notice is often misconstrued and the cause of DRAMA.

If one is somewhat articulate and uses words deftly email can become a razor that wielded thoughtlessly can slash deeply.

One must be always aware of the line of a thought and be sure that the thought is well finished and correctly conveyed.

I have to admit that I am an easily annoyed curmudgeon when it comes to poor English usage especially “I seen…” and similar colloquial misusages…it takes my entire singular, self awareness not to correct people or worse shoot off an email that suggests a brush up course in English 1.

I thing “elitist snob” is the phrase that comes to mind and for that I am ashamed.
There is another frustration in the wired world of the internet-we touch people’s lives and they ours but only in a cyber sense way…to me that’s too bad.

I try my best to get to know people as much as I can via email-I have even arranged phone calls to get better connected but think how often it might be nice to call up an internet friend and run out for coffee or lunch and enjoy the luxury of an in person visit…alas they’re three thousand miles away, even three hundred…it makes that spontaneous interaction impossible.

At this point I am in touch with people on a worldwide basis-all of North America but also places like Australia and Finland…Malaysia…astonishing.

I have a great time taking my mail swap art trades to the post office where in my little world the postal workers know me and share my adventures via where are my cards (ATCS) off to today?

They are not connected to the world in this way and don’t understand how I can send off bits of my work to relative strangers…any of you reading this are probably nodding because you understand that it’s what we do, this is not foreign territory to those of us who mail swap and share e lists about our interests.

I send art supplies to and share my product finds with my friend Dian or add a little extra “Cast Member” flash to a package for Zoobekkah in Orlando…Aquarelle Dream is in Finland…there’s GrannyStamper, DJ4ART, so many more people…dear Kristal and RESI and my older friends ALLTHUMS (so special I made a trip across the friendship bridge to Canada to meet her and her hubby) and Francine (brushstroke) who I will visit in Yuma later this month…I drove to Las Vegas to have lunch with a group of these people some years back…

I guess the point to this musing in the dark cold early morning is we do touch each other’s lives and I suppose if it’s meant to be we do it via the ether or in person eventually but back to that sentence that started all this, “AREN’T WE LUCKY?”.

No one needs to feel alone if they are connected to the world but there is a caveat here as well-there are delicate people behind the bravado on occasion-shut ins, exiles, hermits who only have the internet by which to join the human race; either by necessity or by choice they are only capable of the tenuous contact that is the pristine sterile world of email and list posts.

We need to be aware that as damaged people we must trek carefully where our “kingdom” touches these people.

It’s a land of dragons and unknown traps and pitfalls - go there on high alert!
I have traversed those perilous places and survived ---barely.

I have also seen some succumb and fade away because of the lurking unexpected.

As lucky as we are we also put ourselves in the jeopardy of being disappointed, disillusioned…disheartened; I think it’s worth it in the long run but there have been times when I wasn’t quite so sure…

One last thought-I often become effusive and excited and that can be misconstrued easily as intrusive.

I have felt people draw back from a too soon offer of openness and honesty-some only want or can only handle the slimmest of contacts.

I watched a TV show recntly about string theory, physics, alternate universes and dimensions...things I find fascinating despite my decidely right brained tendencies.

There is an interesting theory that all the various alternate dimensions are located on membranes-infinate 4 dimensional planes that are seperated barely in the great void and somewhere in the distant past two of these "BRANES" happened to touch creating the BIG BANG where all sorts of stuff that hadn't been there suddenly flew from that universe into ours...thats a very simplistic explanation of a show that took 2 hours to unroll so just go with me on this one...

We are, each of us, a membrane in cyberspace amd where we touch information, friendship, personal hardships and triumphs, all sorts of stuff that wasn't in our various universes before flows back and forth...

Some of us have more room in our dimensional space than others so I guess at the end of the day we take that of what we are offered which we are able to accept and offer back what we can or what is acceptable, welcomed.

Maybe that's enough but, regardless, it's what we have for now.

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  1. Rick, this is such an interesting post and I agree with you 100%. Three of my best friends are online friends, in Virginia, Massachusetts, and Ohio. We've never met but we've chatted on the phone and we know things about each other that people in "real life" don't know. I try always to be careful of how I communicate in email because I'm very aware that words I write can be taken out of context because the verbal and visual cues are not present. This was a valuable post for me to read and I thank you for posting it.


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