Friday, February 19, 2010

GOLD or GAY? What is the question?

Remember ELVIS STOJKO the stocky little macho Canadian who just never could seem to get it fully together and finally ended up with a silver medal or two?

His KUNG FU inspired programs and garb just didn’t add up to gold and his vocal swipes at other skaters being effeminate and how disgusted he was (is) about judging that forces male skaters to be ballerinas didn’t make him beloved in skating circles.

I guess because they couldn’t get anyone better YAHOO decided to make ENVIOUS---ooops I’m sorry, ELVIS their figure skating expert-there was a truly stupid move.

Almost before the ice was frozen STOJKO was already grousing about the judging and effeminate men and taking shots at Johnny Weir (outspoken, flamboyant and openly gay).

He also made it clear that the new judging rules made it impossible for any MAN to compete without compromising their masculinity (blah blah blah).

Last night in Canada the first American since Boitano took the Gold Medal in Men’s Figure skating.

I didn’t love his over starched gel ridden hair, I could have done without his rhinestone snakes but at the end of it all there was no doubt in my mind that Evan Lysacek was the winner hands down and the hip pumping Viktor Petrenko wannabe, Evgeni Plushenko, who threw off a sloppy quad, wasn’t the winner.

Figure skating has changed over the years-2 time gold medalist Dick Button doing his late 40’s routines in today’s Olympics would not even be in contention.

Singles and doubles have been replaced by triple, triple combinations, the school figures which used to always win the Soviets the medals are gone and artistry has ranged widely and caused the International skating commission to change rules and scoring-they even outlawed “dying on the ice” to help bring the sport back from being too Avant Garde.

Some skating fans will remember Philippe Candelorio a French superstar skater, who did everything including stripping down to a dance belt in his routines-happily those days seem to be gone.

The argument became an issue of the two camps of skaters-the jumpers and the artists.
The former spends a lot of time wandering around the rink between their jumps and jump combinations the latter try and tell a story with their choreography and work the jumps into the routine-there are also bonuses for doing jumps and difficult moves later in the program rather than “front loading” (doing all jumps in the first 2 of 4 ½ minutes).

Last night there was no doubt that Pleshenko had front loaded the program and much of what he did between the jumps was sloppy and a little tasteless-trying to cash in on Viktor Petrenko's sexy ice persona.

Petrenko at his best was not only handsome but skated like a ballet dancer; Pleshenko will never live up to those standards.

After losing the gold and settling for silver he vocally jibed that the American winner wouldn’t even try a quad and made the loss versus win all about that particular jump rather than a complete program.

Backed up by Stojko the jumpers have been unanimous in attempting to ruin Evan Lysacek’s win. Moreover they claim that this win has now reduced men’s figure skating to the status of a dance performance and no longer a sport.
WHY is this important?

Because it once again shows how thinly veiled machoism and homophobia continues to be, how insidious hate and misinformation, and how many will join in when it comes to discrimination and ignore inclusion based on what?


When it comes to any explanation about WHY any of these stupid short sighted comments and the acceptance of homophobia is so easily tolerated it always comes back to the Bible.

Under the separation of church and state which the drafters of the U S Constitution so vigorously fought for Biblical references are irrelevant.

Yet they continue to be the scale by which such arguments are debated.

ALL male skaters are not gay, all gay men are not effeminate and all effeminate men are not gay.

I don’t know what Evan Lysacek’s sexuality is and I don’t care the point is when the dust dies down and the epithets stop flying he didn’t win on artistry-he and Pleshenko we tied on that score he out jumped and out spun his rival and won on the very battlefield that is being challenged.

Evan deserves to enjoy his win without having to qualify anything but the amount of work and personal investment he put into training for the triumph of his career thus far.

This then goes for ANY artist who excels and is recognized for their accomplishments.
We are so repressed in this country especially- we live for conjecture and we want to know what celebrities are doing behind closed doors---look at how they speculated about George Clooney-he’s the Rock Hudson of today-some people will never believe he isn’t gay and the women around him merely beards.

Isn’t it time we stopped judging people by their sex lives and started appreciating them for their talents?

I recently took the time to reread LEVITICUS and let me tell you-if you haven’t read it you should-it’s the part that the Christian Right and the Mormons use to support their HATE SPEAK on homosexuality-I hope when they make those speeches they aren’t wearing silk and wool or a poly-cotton blend because if they are they have committed a sin that is the same as the one they are rallying against-if they go out and eat lobster afterward they are most certainly destined for hell---according to Leviticus every picture of Jesus Christ shows a sinner since he is seldom depicted with the proper non sinful hair style the Bible allows.

People don’t consider these and many other ludicrous laws in the Hebrew (old Testament) Bible but they quickly latch on to the one’s they like and chose to support.

HYPOCRIT is the term for that and I think it’s also a sin-and perhaps the worst one in MY book.

TALENT, ARTISTRY, CREATIVITY…gifts, great gifts and those who own them and excel in them should be lauded not slandered.

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