Sunday, April 11, 2010

NEW Phantom sequel in London and on CD

Interesting that few (especially critics and die hard Phantom fans) seem to like LOVE NEVER DIES-Andy Lloyd Weber’s sequel to Phantom that opened on London March 9 this year.

The 2 disc full score is available and may become a collector’s item since it is rumored that they are frantically reworking the show before it moves to the USA in 2011.

Originally scheduled to opening on Broadway in the fall of 2010-seems ALW is using his recent brush with prostate cancer as a reason to avoid the jet flights necessary to produce the American version.

The show is also scheduled for an Australian production as well.

UTube has some great clips and music videos from the show and some backstage stuff worth looking at.

The whole business takes place 10 years after the end of Phantom-and in Coney Island, New York to boot.

This gives ALW the chance to do a pastiche show and probably his most tuneful and singable score of all times.

Borrowing heavily from Danny Elfman, Puccini, himself and various historic sources it’s a lush score that wanders closer to Sunset Blvd than the Phantom's Paris Opera House.

Even listening to the two disc set one hears that there are lengthy symphonic sections that must accompany stage business and apparently according to reviews much of the shows is about projections and film clips that set the historic period and act as backups to huge art nouveau set pieces.

Madame Girey and her daughter Meg, Raoul and Christine all manage to come together in this soap opera and as the New York Times said-Even the title is a spoiler-obviously someone dies-I will not tell you who-oh by the way Christine has a 10 year old son tagging after her who is a very strange little boy-wait till you find out how THAT happened-and Raoul the handsome love interest is now a down on his luck drunk.

I think it’s worth a look and a listen-the Christine in this production is formerly the Little Mermaid from Disney’s Broadway production and has the unfortunate last name of Boggus.

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