Friday, April 23, 2010


I am one of those people who should be disallowed from browsing the internet.

Problems arise when I set of following some random string and the next thing you know I am reading comments about whatever topic and I find myself angry and frustrated.

Perhaps that’s why blogging is a good thing -I can post a comment that might even be read instead of being the 1,789th response to some moronic drivel written by a pseudo-expert or worse a Washington D C politician who obviously has never heard of a thesaurus, spell check or logic.

Obviously like any media the best investment of your valuable money making space is the exposition of the “controversial viewpoint”.

I hope that’s what drives these various single sided offerings that are supposed to pass as “news”.

So long as Rush Limbaugh, Dr Laura, MSNBC and FOX are considered experts rather than commentators ANYTHING will pass as hard news rather than a jaded opinion.

Some would probably say that my opinions are equally jaded but I am writing what amounts to a diary or journal that just happens to be available for others to read- while most of the comments that show up on this blog from readers are within the range of sanity and good taste there is the occasional bizarre graffiti like post that leaves me gobsmacked as to what the relevance is when compared to the post about which it was written.

Many of these comments are in Chinese.

Did you know you can translate such comments thanks to Google? True thing…

You set the Google translator for Chinese to English cut and paste the characters into the Chinese side and voila you will know how you have been lauded or dissed…often quite humorously since the translations are literal but only resemble English grammar is a very loose manner.

The other day I stumbled on some discussion of gay marriage (actually divorce) and the state of TEXAS-well really…had I any sense at all I should have run in the opposite direction with all haste rather than starting to read the comments which followed the “story” about a Lesbian couple, married in Massachusetts who were involved in adoption woes leading to stress and arguments-marital strife and subsequently Divorce.

This story would have been non-news except for three points:

1. It is about Lesbians/Gay Marriage-a hot button issue
2. It involved TEXAS
3. Apparently TEXANS think there are no Gay people in Texas (they have obviously never been to Dallas, Houston, Abilene or Austen)

The basic outline is lesbian couple married in Mass attempts to get a divorce in Tex-denied…

That’s pretty much it except the judge inadvertently by hearing the case and denying the divorce gave de facto government recognition to a state of marriage that is not recognized in Texas.

It may surprise some that I am not a fan of Gay Marriage---before you stir the tar and gather feathers let me expand this stance a bit.

What I am for is marriages of a civil type for any combination of two humans of legal age and consent that equally protect and recognize the rights of the partners and offer them all the same covenants of a “Church Wedding” under the law.

Under the separation of Church and State this would be the ONLY logical way to do things because how does any divine entity have anything to do with income taxes, community property and other such banal issues that arise from deciding to get “hitched”.


Only the government is involved and hence only the government should be required via equal rights and pursuit of happiness to recognize these civil unions.

That’s it-there is no further discussion about marriage, church, God et all…those the state has put together let no man put asunder!

The Bible, Koran, Dianetics or any other religious tome has no impact on the workings of the state-it’s disallowed by the same constitution that supports the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

If we don’t do something soon to separate the state from religion we are going to have very ‘busy’ money since we will need to add Allah, Buddha and possibly space aliens to the “In-we trust” business.

Leave MARRIAGE to the church (and those companies who put together peanut butter and chocolate or other various combinations that no one seems offended by when labeled as marriages) and leave civil unions to the rest of us.

One neither exceeding nor diminishing in the face of the other.

Eventually we hope that people will get over the Leviticus laws of the Bible which are expressly labeled as laws for the JEWISH people not the rest of us heathens.
OR in lieu of this I would like to go on record as being exempt from prosecution for stoning to death anyone wearing cotton-poly blends since that’s allowed under Leviticus along with many other juicy bits like selling one’s sister…do you see how ridiculous this all is?

We allow people (many of the MORMONS and radical Christians) to use the Levitican laws to support their hate speak about a range of topics without questioning HOW they can do that.

The result is the opposite camp has “de-Christmasized” public schools and parks, killed the Easter Bunny and now wants the entire Thanksgiving-Christmas-Channukah season referred to as THE WINTER HOLIDAYS…it’s a double edged sword, cuts both ways.
So what is the solution?

I say civilization, but then we’re so very far from civilized its makes that “fall back” position impossible so TOLERANCE must suffice.

We must find a way to learn to peacefully tolerate each other.

I find it easier to turn Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura OFF than take high blood pressure medicine.

I sincerely don’t think that giving spousal rights to gays, lesbians and even pre-op transsexuals is going to destroy the glory of modern society and lead to the decline of civilization---we need to be civil first in order to decline.

In a world where religious leaders are free to dictate public policy and freely speak as if church doctrine has the right to rule ALL people’s lives, where the rules of a few change the rights of many (and trust me MUSLIMS are already demanding separate and individual rights based on the religious beliefs) unless you’d like to wake up in a theocracy we had all better start supporting HUMAN rights and freedoms.
All of this is no different than my stand on abortion-I’m against it but I support the woman’s right to govern her own body so long as the government doesn’t pay for it.

Similarly I say that people have the right to love and legally join with whomever they choose and it’s none of my business (nor anyone else’s) so long as the law is equally protecting ALL citizens equally-and don’t start with the rights of the unborn I am against late term abortions.

With so much to be worried about on this little planet we need to prioritize and STOP being distracted by the smoke and mirrors experts who have attacked ART, THEATRE, HUMAN RIGHTS, FREE SPEECH and just about anything else that keeps us from pulling back the curtain and finding out who really IS back there.


  1. 人並不是生來要吃敗仗的。人可被毀滅,但不可被擊倒。..................................................

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  5. Hi Rick!
    I know I'm very late in commenting on this post but I just have to agree with your ideas about "Marriage". It's not just a "Gay" issue, it's a human issue.

    It seems to me there is no separation of Church and State. Holiday's aside there is the entire package of rights and benefits that come with a legal filing acknowledging a religious ceremony. One that can be easily dissolved with a small monetary fee and another legal filing.

    I am a heterosexual woman who chose not to be "married" to my partner because we are not religious. A ceremony and acknowledgment by a Minister is not the glue that will hold us together.
    Ultimately, we became caught up in the civil benefits of being legally married; income tax, health care benefits, community property rights, etc. It makes me sad to say that we had to be "married" to be acknowledged as having a lifelong commitment to each other and to have the simple benefits and rights of those that choose to follow a religion.

    In short, thanks for your post, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Julia (altered_start)

    PS: I'm not "allowed" to read the online newspaper because it gets me in such a tizzy. lol


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