Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A DREAM is a WISH...your HEART makes...

Many people do not pay enough attention to dreams.

I have a very complicated set of theories about dreams which I will not go into at length here.

There is a single heightened dream state where everything is very REAL, sharp edged and even though it may be somewhat surreal it still has a sense of being in the moment and a super realistic quality about it.

Recently physicists have ventured a theory that I believe I have mentioned before about membranes or BRANES-various realities that coexist with our own universe-when two of these BRANES touched at some point it could have created the big bang.

I believe that this is an alpha state in which we can actually access the portal between our reality and others.

When we do this it results in one of the super realistic dreams-we remember it as a dream because our brain simply cannot process the complexity of the experience.

I have had lengthy detailed “dreams” with numerous people that I don’t know, have never seen or talked to in life but had complicated interactions with in this dream realm.

I know this has a certain farfetched crackpot edge to it but suspend disbelief for a moment and consider how it could answer many questions and address many mysteries that surround us.

If you are very open minded also consider how the touching of the membrane dimensions could explain UFOs, aliens, shadow people or even ghosts-I think it is possible.

Another recent theory says that artistic people should not be medicated with anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications since they are not imbalanced they are literally high strung and their “artistic“ personalities are a natural state for such individuals.

So with all these theories on the table it isn’t a huge stretch to consider that the artistic, creative person is much more susceptible to higher levels of contact with the other dimensional realities.

I have often annoyed people because I know what is in gift boxes before opening them, I often know when people are seriously ill or close to some life threatening danger---strange precognitive occurrences.

I don’t think it makes me psychic I think I am vibrating at a different frequency than others and I happen to be sensitive to these particular experiences.

Psychics often annoy me because they seem to think they know everything about everything and create elaborate supportive data to strengthen their stance.

I think we all have some psychic, ESP type ability and throughout our lives have precognitive and other seemingly psychic events.

I guarantee you if I guess a babies sex while it’s in the womb even at 50/50 odds I will be wrong more often than right-like 90 percent wrong.

I do pay attention when I get the “earthquake” feeling and I am cautious when my “danger” signals get strong---I think this is something we all should do because I think many people have these feelings for good reason and need to pay attention to them.

There have been so many dream interpretation theories over the years and some of them seem to actually work out-I happened to like one that said when you dreamed about houses or buildings it had to do with your Mother and vehicles or machinery had to do with your Father.

I do think our brains manufacture dreams for various reasons-sometimes just to dump excess stored info, other times to help us deal with stresses of various types.

Those are the dreams that have purple cats in tuxedos eating bananas while flamingos chase us around the room.

Actual dreams…

Alice in wonderland symbolist silliness…

A few levels up comes the hyper-realist experience…it’s a shame that we can’t have a huge database where we register what we dream in a blind study and see who else in the world happened to have the same dream at the same time.

The big “WHAT IF”…what if our consciousness is going to an actual place or places where it encounters others not only from our plane of existence but other entities as well.

As far as I can remember I have never had one of these complicated dreams (or any dream for that matter) where I looked at myself in a mirror…isn’t that interesting-why not?

Recurring dreams always seem to have a lesson involved-it may not be readily apparent at the time but think how such experiences are tailored to help us cope with some issue.

I often have arguments in dreams-I don’t tend to argue with people in life so I work out my anger in Dreams-in the hyper realistic dream state I never have arguments-I have had lengthy discussions with others, I have resolved issues and I have learned many things but never any anger.

If a dreams IS “a wish your heart makes” what if we can wish ourselves into a place where there is more available to our minds than what we normally have.

I don’t know exactly why I thought this was important to write about right this moment-it has been on my mind…

Perhaps it’s the high strung artist part of the story that made the cosmic connection for me.

I do find many similarities in artistic, creative people-I love to be around the creative type of person but have you ever noticed how difficult it is at times-we are just wired uniquely and we aren’t simple people.

Anyway, it’s interesting as a subject and I have noticed that since I have been paying more attention to my dream state other parts of my life have become easier to cope with on a daily basis.

I have also begun to notice a distinct correlation between my creativity and my dreaming.

I don’t get ideas from my dreams but the more I dream the more ideas I have.

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