Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facebook Flap


A word that seems to polarize people these days…yer either fer it or agin it…

I, myself, remain neutral.

I like Facebook because it makes my life simpler.

I can keep track of friends and their doings or in the case of a day like this one-happens to be my sister’s birthday-I can keep up on the social plans without the multiple emails normally required to get approximately 10 people in the same place at the same time (Dress code aside).

I have kept my friends list small and mostly to those I know well or people they know who now “know“me.

The internet is a bizarre thing from the start-I mean think about it-we have “friends” that we know from the ether, we never or may never meet in the flesh but these are some of the more important relationships in our lives.

The computer age…long may it wave.

I am not greedy in that I can manage with a couple dozen people on my contact list without feeling unpopular.

I am becoming bored with the “games”-they are repetitive and somewhat annoying moneymakers for the people at ZYNGA-I refuse to pay real money for cyber coins so I can buy a Gorilla or a Maserati-since I don’t want hundreds of people lurking around my friends list I will never have the power required to get ahead, build a better farm or gain huge power in the Mafia so I sort of participate in order to help those I know who seem to care about such things.

Short of the community comments and occasional witty banter being advanced in years and not a 14 year old with braces on my brains I take FACEBOOK for what I can get out of it-no more, no less.

Like Blogging-it’s another form of communication and social contact for me in my slightly agoraphobic existence…I do need to get out more but I am too poor for volunteering and too involved for anything else with my arting, writing and so forth.
In other words…solitude is OK because I am fairly busy.

I will stay with FACEBOOK for now and see what happens-I haven’t had any bad experiences with it and certainly it’s less intrusive and bizarre than say TAGGED…when I divested myself of that particular aberration my spam mail dropped by 90 percent.

Odd thing is I don’t remember joining TAGGED in the first place.

I joined FACEBOOK to do exactly what I am doing-to use it to keep track of people I “know” and to better keep up with my family-for that it serves me well.

I will admit I belong to a couple of fan pages and maybe a couple other things that I have forgotten why I joined at the start but haven’t bothered to excise…all in all I find it benign without being banal so bottom line it’s OK.

“From FACEBOOK where?”, I suppose is the question.

We’ll see what strolls down the cyber pike and lures me in…sexy apps are almost irresistible don’t you find it?

For a time I was addicted to ROLLER COASTER TYCOON.

I would literally spend hours designing my theme park and managing it until I had tendonitis in my thumb (maybe it was carpel tunnel I don’t know) and I would play despite throbbing pain in my “mouse hand” and crippling arthritis the next day after a lengthy session.

This went on for months-hours at a time, sleep be damned…I went through life a groggy mess but my park was fabulous!

Facebook does not require that amount of time or pain-on and off here and there throughout the day and I’m satisfied.

Since I am not into “CHAT” Facebook has finite attractions for me…if they offer something like Roller Coaster Tycoon however, I will need to resign.

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