Thursday, May 20, 2010

When LOVE and PATIENCE dies...

I gotta tell you-I am sick and tired, disgusted and annoyed, angry….well you get the idea…


First of all there is one race of Human Beings-not many-that’s why it’s called THE HUMAN RACE.

A cow is a cow is a cow---it may come in various colors and styles but at the end of it all it’s a cow.

People come in all colors and sizes; some have curly hair, some straight, some have lighter skin and some dark many on the curve in between but we are all humans beings and of the human race.

ETHNICITY is another thing…we do notice various cultural, linguistic and other differences…we are too polite to talk about BREEDS-but in fact we are in some ways like other animals, Cats, Dogs, Apes…we come in various breeds, editions…pick a word…but there is only one race.

I am a German, Irish, French mutt but I am an American first…culturally…I don’t think of myself initially as a white guy-I think of myself as a male American-I don’t hyphenate either---what would I be; Mixed breed American?

I am a native of California-I was born here not too far south from where I live now…but much closer to the border of the country to the south-Mexico.

So far as I know, Mexicans (and others from south of our border) are HUMANS-my nieces and nephews are Mexican, German, Irish Mutts-they also do not hyphenate.

I grew up in a place where we were all assimilated AMERICANS though many of us were White Mutts, some were Mexican-European Mutts and some Asian-one or two African…we tended not to notice.

Someone commented recently to me that the biggest issue of TYPE we had was the war between the SURFERS and the BEANERS---interestingly the SURFERS could be of any ethnicity as could the Beaners.

It seems to me the more open and free we became through the 60s and 70s-the more repressed and color conscious we became.

Here we are at the start of the 2nd decade of the 2000s and we are screaming racist at each other because some of us want to close our borders because we can’t support any more illegal immigrants.

“Illegal’s” come in all colors-they are not just people from south of the border-many come from Asia, some from Europe, a few from Canada…regardless, we have too many people, our states and country verge on bankruptcy and still people come here and expect to be cared for-the feel entitled.

There are very few social services for me-a citizen of this country but also a member of the least served demographic in the USA-white males over 50.

I either have too much money, not enough money, not enough hours, not enough years, not enough whatever to qualify for any help.

I am of a tenuous generation-we don’t know if the social programs we paid into will be there to help us throughout the rest of our lives.

We are the baby boomers-we who were born during the good years after the 2nd world war-all those good years full of nuclear threats, civil unrest and the “rose coloured glasses’ Donna Reed view of an America that really didn’t exist-or at least didn’t exist out here is the wild west.

ARIZONA bravely passed a law that mirrors and reinforces the laws that are in place at the federal level-those laws just aren’t enforced very well.

It has nothing to do with RACE but it does have to do with people who feel they are entitled to come to this country and remake it in the image of their own country-not unlike the Italian, Irish, Jewish and other ghettos of the late 18 and early 19 hundreds in the USA.

The problem is the immigrants of the “OLD” days came usually in smaller numbers, by ships and had to pass through serious scrutiny and often terrible conditions to get into this country often only to be sent home due to illness or other circumstances.

Even as late as the middle of the last century people were waiting on quotas to enter the USA often for years before receiving word that they could, at last, come.
I understand that the migration from the south isn’t “EASY” but compared to a sea voyage its fairly simple-it is steeped in greed and corruption since many who promise entry via the back door into this country charge huge amounts of cash for the attempt and often take the money and abandon their cargo of HUMANS.

STILL, we can’t support the millions who are coming here, uneducated, sick, pregnant (see ANCHOR BABIES) and unskilled.

The America they think they’re coming to doesn’t exist anymore (if it ever did).

Gangs are out of control and better organized and armed than our police and even armies.

Crime is rampant and drugs are at the core of the problem.

Schools are overcrowded, hospitals closing, healthcare expensive and insurance outrageous, the city services are over taxed as are the citizens (we in California are literally the highest taxed citizens in the country).

Meanwhile the immigrants join the ever growing ghettos, refuse to speak English and yet want all the rights and privileges of being in the USA despite the fact that they are BREAKING THE LAW.

Very near to me here in Orange County are two of the largest immigrant populations in the USA Vietnamese (Little Saigon boasts many businesses that are signed only in the Vietnamese language despite a state law that says all signage must be in both a foreign language and English).

When “outsiders” go to Little Saigon they are made to feel unwelcome and unwanted-hence we don’t go there.

There is a huge population of Latinos though out California and the southwestern USA in general but SANTA ANA is almost entirely Hispanic and again “outsiders” are not welcome there and going there can be dangerous since guns are common and shootings equally common.

Santa Ana is also one of the highest concentrations of illegal’s in California, drug raids are frequent in that city and surrounding areas and the human transport trade operates fairly openly with Santa Ana as a destination for cargo from the south.
Resenting this rampant growth and the drain on resources it creates doesn’t make me a racist-it makes me an American.

In the past few days the president of Mexico has been here loudly chastising the USA for our immigration policies.

He didn’t bother to discuss the Mexican laws which are much stricter than those of the USA nor the continuing genocide of indigenous people in the south of Mexico and the consistent class wars that have raged since the revolution.

He didn’t offer a solution for the drug wars that are spilling over into the USA on the border nor the fact that over 20 thousand people have died in those wars.

He didn’t allude to the serious and criminal corruption in the ranks of the FEDERALES-the state police who drive stolen American SUVs and HUMMERs while their wives wear stolen American jewelry and drive luxury cars also stolen in the USA and delivered to the south.

These same police are responsible for robbing tourists, beatings and murders of illegal immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and other Central American countries and illegal fines and charges made at traffic stops on the toll roads in Baja that carry huge traffic of Americans driving to resorts.

Mr. Calderon just lectured US while our president agreed.

It is estimated that if something isn’t done to stem the flow of people coming from other countries in the USA illegally soon-by mid century we will have swelled by as many as 50 to a hundred million more people mostly from SOUTH of the border.

Listening to legitimate populists with no agenda one sees that it is against good judgment to become legal since the job force that operates under the radar does better than registered alien workers monetarily and in social services since they are part of a cash culture.

Sales taxes are pretty much all they pay-and there is an emerging animosity between the documented, undocumented and citizen Latino work force since they all work on different pay scales…another bloody war that will be fought in our cities.

Meanwhile we have the Muslim community beginning to demand rights and privileges based on their religious beliefs and a swelling population growing on US soil.
Currently America supports the largest Korean, Armenian, Russian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Japanese, Chinese and many other smaller countries communities outside of their home nations.

Notice that this encompasses many ethnicities but only one race-HUMAN.

Imagine what would happen if tomorrow we were faced with a huge interstellar space ship full of weary travelers from billions of miles away that were actually a completely alien RACE-what would we do?

We couldn’t send them home and since they would have superior technology we might be foolish to deny them a place to stop.

It seems to me that we have come to that time when greed must end and we need to stop fighting over oil and start fighting for better conditions in the homelands of all the people who come here-so they can stay home.

I wouldn’t want to be poor in Mexico, Vietnam or Hong Kong, the wrong religion in Iran or a displaced Ethnicity in the former Czechoslovakia.

The best thing we as Americans can do is help FIX those countries that are burdened by religious, corrupt or ethnocentric governments and show their people a way to take back their own rights in their own countries.

If they want to be Americans-then they need to assimilate and live as Americans and there must be an end to both amnesties and tolerance for law breakers.

ALL of them- wherever they come from.

It’s cheaper to send them home than to support them and their growing families in a country that is already over-taxed, angry and at the end of tolerance.

Someone said to me, jokingly, the other day, “Think way back to when you were a liberal.”

Sadly there was much truth in that statement…while I still have many liberal views I more and more find myself in the Libertarian camp.

I still HATE Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

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