Saturday, October 2, 2010

Give Thanks Digi Stamps

Its Turkey, stuffing and Pumpkin Mousse cheesecake time (my preferred alternative Thanksgiving delight-I also have an incredible recipe for Pumpkin Bread Pudding Brulee)-the sample card above is from Elaine Lienhart.

This post features some samples of the pilgrim figure from my Give Thanks digi sheet.

Patty Chapman ( ) was kind enough to share her version which uses the image on the cover of her card and the pilgrim lady on the inside-she gives some great instruction about how she did the card on her blog.

Dee Moran did this charming sample for me-each one has its own charm and personality.

I am so glad that my Thanksgiving digi sheet is inspiring people to do Thanksgiving crafts-an area that I feel is somewhat neglected.

We seem to go from Halloween directly to Christmas so it's nice to take some time to enjoy being thankful for all the bounties of the Fall Holiday Season.

Thanks ladies for sharing your work-I and encourage all artists and crafters to share any work you have done using my digi's, decorative painting books or patterns or articals from craft mags.

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  1. Well, Rick...where are the recipes?! I love bread pudding!


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