Monday, December 6, 2010

It's that time of Year...

It's that time of year when the world falls in love
Ev'ry song you hear seems to say "Merry Christmas,
"May your New Year dreams come true"
And this song of mine in three-quarter time
Wishes you and yours the same thing, too

I’m so sorry the Holiday season isn't easy and wonderful for everyone.

I have been having a great time this year making little things for people and shopping…the lights are up outside and even though I didn’t do a lot of inside décor this year I did enough to keep the feeling going.

I’ve heard many sad stories this year, especially from artists and crafters who feel inadequate to let their handmade items compete with store bought or even to try to make things for people since they feel they won’t be appreciated…sad.

What we do and what we make with our hands are gifts that come from our hearts.
We are literally sharing a part of ourselves when we give the gift of our creativity.
Too often people take that for granted, I know, it’s assumed that making something was the easy cheap way out.

I found ways this year to combine my creativity with a more commercial produce and you see some examples here on my blog.

I “Zazzeled” up some ornaments and mugs as gifts for friends and acquaintances-with the half price, free shipping offers online the items are both personal and affordable.

I used 300 dpi digital collages sized appropriately to make a variety of items-even a tie for my Brother in Law-all of which in some way incorporate my collages, family photos or both.

I made collaged ornaments and hangings for a few special friends the old fashion way-scissors, glue and paper-adding tinsel and bent wire hangers for a nostalgic, vintage feel-many I tucked inside a Christmas card just as a remembrance-with the digital collages it’s easy to make a number of designs so you have the perfect theme for each recipient.

I even used my own digi-stamps to create some items like the SKATING Santa T shirt shown on the Zazzle panel-I combined him with an altered photographic background to achieve a sort of “Animated Film” feel.

I hope each of you has found ways to make traditions that you can look forward to each year?

If not it’s never too late to start now.

My Niece and her Fiancé come down and put my lights up for me and we have dinner at CHEN’S a local old fashioned Chinese Restaurant with great food and a funky atmosphere that reminds us of Ralphie and the CHRISTMAS STORY movie (You’ll shoot your eye out).

I take my wonderful neighbors to dinner at a place called “The North Woods Inn” It’s built like a log cabin complete with permanent snow and icicles and at the Holidays they go overboard decorating and lighting the inside so it’s really a holiday wonderland with GREAT cheese bread.

I will have several dinners with friends over the next weeks each one with its own set of memories of years past.

I have already watched every version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL I could find-This week I am going to see a live play version which should be fun.

I will spend Christmas Eve visiting my special friends in the valley, I will go to dinner at the Odyssey which overlooks the San Fernando Valley-the lights are like stars and they have a most jolly buffet.

Christmas day it’s on to Family where I will be surrounded by my niece and nephews, my sister and BIL and their loveable Labs.

Along the way I listen to Holiday tunes, the IL DIVO Christmas album-anything to keep me in the spirit of the season.

I want to take a moment to THANK each of you who has in some way supported me and my work during this past year and send earnest best wishes that the Holidays are wonderful, magical, inspirational, loving-in short, whatever you want them to be.
May your days be Merry and Bright….


  1. Sounds as if you've been pretty busy, Rick! I have some more images colored up, but just haven't had time to finish the cards.
    If I don't get back to you before the holidays, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and prosperous) New Year!

  2. Thanks Elaine and to you as well-looking forward to wonderful rhings in 2011


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