Monday, September 27, 2010

New Samples

I have been asking artists who use my DIGIs to share samples of their work-I recieved these samples today from Elaine Lienhart who does wonderful things and also tells you on her blog how she did it and what she used-Its a great blog and I hope you will all pay a visit to her!

Enjoy her beautiful cards-Thanks Elaine I appreciate your contributions!!!

The Raggedy Ann is from my Santa's Toyshop sheet and the little girl ion the Tree Costume is from my Let It Snow sheet-I have been adding sheets almost daily and I reward those who send in great samples such as these with a free sheet...hope to see more from Elaine...

Coloring for ADULTS

Digi Stamps are getting more and more interesting as artists find ways to include them in all sorts of cards and crafts.

Pop up cards and intricatly folded cards are but a few of the ways people have found to include "Digis".

I have found that simpler images may be better for a general audience but the real "Colorers" like an intricate design that they can spend time on and enjoy the process of relaxing and coloring.

Dee Moran has been doing samples for me and I hope in the future to have samples from other artists who are using my DIGIS as well!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am so greatful to my friend DEE MORAN for pointing m in the direction of DIGI STAMPS and ETSY.

I had actually started working on an Etsy shop last year before Christmas but had just never solidified what to sell exactly.

Dee came up with the Digi idea and it certainly has done well at least in the short run.

Besides selling image sheets which crafters use like any rubber stamp except they print off the image-hand colour it and go from there-I have had all sorts on interest in promoting my goods through scrap book groups and other online art groups from around the world-most recently NORWAY.

It would be nice if this led to some new licenses in rubber stamps, giftwares or t-shirts.

I have already had two offer to take my shop off my hands and let someone else sell the images so I guess people are liking what the are seeing.

I am hoping that over the next weeks I will be able to share some sample of cards etc made by crafters around the world who are using my images in their work.

This post features one of DEE Morans cards using my Halloween Boys mini sheet!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Operation write home

My dear friend Dee Moran lead me to this wonderful cause and I hope many of you will visit their blog site and read about what they do.

I was inspired to give them a sheet of my Patriotic digital stamps and they are already making good use of them.

It's onderful in our sad, tired old world that people still find a way to ease the way for others and I am so happy to be a small part of this wonderfil organization!!!