Monday, January 17, 2011

Bits and Bobs

Here we are in the depths of WINTER and all I can think of is Spring and Halloween in the fall---Lots of new over at my ETSY shoppe I have added notecards-they are really hand done by me using photo prints on premium paper and then hand embellished with top quality rhinestones---some of the cards feature my edgy bizarre collages and others my original pen and ink drawings hand coloured with Prismacolour Pencil and then digitally augmented-I hope you will enjoy seeing them and the price includes shipping in the USA...the cards are Strathmore with deckle edges on the envelopes-acid free and archival quality-If you ask when you ORDER I will sign and date each card for you.

My digi stamps are rockin in the UK and Russia especially-I guess I have found my audience after all these years...LOL...thanks to my overseas fans as well as all my fans in the USA for keeping the shop alive and the art moving.

I BRAKE FOR STAMPS the company that has exclusive rights to my rubber stamp line has just added more than a dozen new designs-I'm sure they will be rolling out in the next weeks-I hope you'll LOVE the Halloween COSTUME bears-really cute and again exclusive to IBFS! Thanks Della for your support and confidence in me.

I continue to peruse applications from those wanting to be a part of the design team but I am seeing lots of cards and what I am looking for is alternative uses for digi stamps-maybe a part of gift wrapping, tags on boxes and other useable items-could sets make shribkadink jewelry---thats the kind of out of the box thinking I want to see.

Elaine Lienhart has provided me with a couple of new images of her wonderful work that I am sharing here-the cupid is sold either seperatly or on the armsful of LOVE stamp sheet and the outhouse is now one of two on the site both sold seperatly-Thanks Elaine for being the anchor of my Design Team and congrads on your son's recent wedding.

I am dieting---well I am food planning...I have a great deal of confidence in WEIGHT WATCHERS but it's just too expensive so I am using their principals to take off some tonnage this year (I hope).

It's so hard when you LOVE food like I do-I don't overeat I just eat the wrong things and don't get enough excercise...familiar story?

Anyway I'm trying and thank goodness I LOVE veggies and Salads-I don't do caffine or sugery drinks and fat free dressings (having checked the lable for Salt and Sugar) can be yummy-I am allergic to fish (actually anything that live in or near water)O so that limits my diet.

I used to be able to drop 30 or 40 lbs on ATKINS in a month or so-I was younger then and not nearly so wise about food and nutrition so I am going to have to give up my gall bladder here soon-not an event I am looking forward to but I'm sure I will feel better once I heal.

Hope you are all doing well-thanks for hanging in with my rambling, bizarre blog posts-feel free to comment-I always read them-I have had to limit posting to blog members because of the Chinese spammers-somehow paper crafts, art and porno don't go together for me....

Cheers all!!

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