Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carnival in YUMA

I decided since I was sitting here thinking about it to do a "pretty" collage using Mario/Luigi so here it is...when the carnival comes to town-the bordellos get busy and there are all them great souveniers to enjoy the memories...

The other composition I did specifically for this challenge is at the bottom of the Mario Luigi post below!

Sleep well...


  1. Well well, I wonder what's going on in Mario's head... Fabulous piece, Rick!

  2. Does Yuma know that this gang is par-tay-ing????

    But the mixture is just right for a night of fun, it seems.

    Fab-U-lous Rick!


  3. Wonderful colour and composition! I've been introduced to your artwork (and found your blog) in the last hour (you're an upcoming sponsor for a Challenge Blog I design for.... WOW! doesn't begin to describe it.... nor the length of my wishlist for your digistamp range! I will so enjoy creating with your artwork, and will wait with baited breath to go shopping in your etsy store...
    blessings and admiration from Australia,

  4. I think Mario has flowers on the brain (hehe..."snicker"). I love your artwork, the colors and the elements. Truly inspiring.

  5. Rick, lavender is one of my favorite colors, so I'm particularly drawn to this! Thanks so much. It's fun and inspiring to look at your work :)

  6. Such fantastic colors! I always wondered what went on in a bordello.


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