Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carnivale Pazzo Challenge on Collage Obsession

I promised that I would do a post about Mario/Luigi...the fellow in the picture above.

I know very little about him-I was searching for a picture to use in an "Avante Garde" ATC swap and I came up with Mario/Luigi because I needed someone whose head I could rip off and fill their still breathing body with skulls or tea party paraphanelia---you get the idea.

Over the years he has had two heads at least twice, he has been a gay zombie and even peeked into Marie Antoinettes boudoire via a convienent window---he has never complained, he just smiles and accepts my abuses (many of which I'm sure are capitol offenses in at least 5 countries not to mention Mississippi).

I suppose with his somewhat dirty hair and dapper moustache he was quite the guy back in the early 1900s-add in that physique---well, Sandow move over.

One wonders what the real stories are behind these obscure images we use in our collage fevers-did he have a huge family? Did her perish in the Chicago fire or the San Francisco earthquake?did he travel with some circus...we may never know.

Carnivale Pazzo-CRAZY CARNIVAL in Italian can have all sorts of meanings-life is a sort of Carnivale Pazzo don't you find it?

I love creating and thinking in another language often Italian, French or German each has it's own unique palatte and set of textures for me but somehow Mario/Luigi is always an Italian...truly looking at the picture he could hail from almost any eastern European country or medeterranian island.

Just so those of you who are visiting here from the Collage Obsession website blog post on this challenge won't go crazy-here is the translation: a deolate land...Horrors!

One of my favorite opera quotes from Puccini via Manon Lescaut but on my tombstone I would like:

Vissi D'arte, Vissi d'amore

I lived for ART, I lived for LOVE

or maybe just


Have fun with Carnivale Pazzo-I am hoping for some deep dark bizarreness bit I am equally hoping to be completely suprised...CIAO!


  1. How extremly macabre it all is!!! What an exciting life he is leading, albeit with two heads, guts cut out and other dastardly deeds done..... My image has him as a 'family man'... now that is very odd indeed!
    Love the challenge Rick, well done!

  2. OMG, these are absolutely magnificent, Rick!

  3. They are absolutely wonderful, dark but have a fantastic atmosphere. I'll have to keep watching:)

  4. Hi, Rick! Thanks for the amazingly creative challenge theme this week. It was fun to stretch my creative wings and try something different from my usual style(s). I love all of your versions of Luigi/Mario--each one creepier than the next! :)

  5. Oh, my - what a wonderful image for creating this weeks piece. So thought provoking! I really enjoyed the challenge. And, thanks so much for your visit to my blog.

  6. Oh boy, you sure haven't saved your troubles getting Luigi/Mario in some veeery interesting situations.... Absolutely fantastic pieces! Thanks for the inspiring challenge this week!

  7. I think the world gets smaller as you get older.

    Case in point: your nice message on my blog about LUIGI that I made for Collage Obsession. Being the curious type, I read your bio. I don't "know" you, but I know about you. Read articles and magazines over the years and purchased stamps. Who knew?

    Anywho...I'll be following this blog regularly to see what is happening.

    Nice to meet you!


  8. Dude! I loved seeing all your versions of Luigi! Very clever all. Thanks for providing us the image too. ;)

  9. I love Luigi and his two heads!! Wonderfully creative, all of them.

  10. Very captivating picture Rick. Like the dark side.

  11. Thank you so much for such an inspiring image, Rick! Real life kept me from finishing my collage until last night, but my take on him is on my blog now.

    I love it that you think about who he might have been. I use images of long-past people and wonder what they would think to know how they had inspired us.

    Thank you so much for being a contributor to Kirsi's great challenge blog!

    Wishing you a great day!


  12. What wonderful artwork! I don't think I can add anything to what everyone's already said...just -a thank you for sharing these with us & creating such a fun challenge! I truly enjoyed myself.


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