Thursday, January 20, 2011

COLLAGE sources

I have recieved anumber of comments about my images and collages-I just want to reiterate taht MANY of my image components come from ITKUPILLI she has an etsy shoppe full of ttreasures.

I also have a vast collection of ephemera from DOVER books-they have digitized much of their collection and the books come with a disk full of great stuff.

The reason I love ITKUPILLI's images is that she provides them in either .jpeg or .png formats-for me the PNGs are the best since they have been pretrimmed all I have to do is lasso them and slide them into my composition then alter and size them as needed.

Using Photoshop CS5 make life so easy in many ways although those who have watched me work say that they can't understand how I can keep track of all the many layers and where to pull what in and how to make the colours works etc.

I guess it's a little mpore complicated than it looks.

I was doing collage-very dark and edgy stuff when I stumbled upon ITKUPILLI-a finnish artist living in Hollywood and selling her ephemera sheets to make ends meet and I saw that edgy doesnt always have to be dark-so she inspired me and even was a source for the components of that inspiration.

She and another Artist had formed Collage obsession but when the other artist had to drop out she recruited from her fan base and we all jumped in as support team so we will be revolving over the weeks with new images and ideas every Monday!

If you have ever been interested in collage, digital collage etc hop on over and visit Itkupilli-you may find a whole new outlet for your creativity.

BTW her link is ALWAYS in my sidebar under great content-Thanks!

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