Monday, January 10, 2011


This weeks COLLAGE OBSESSION challenge is JEWELS.

Using a lovely tinted portrait of a lady (which I'm sure has been appended with extra jewelry) I set off on my creatrive voyage.

Never one to draw back from all things sparkly I used as my muse the lavish and bejeweled Russian icons of a bygone era and with a nod to Les Folis Bergere I created Our Lady of the Jewels-a madonna of excess.

Hope you enjoy her she's wearing jewels from the Hope Diamond to earrings owned by Maried Antoinette-many of my collages draw heavily from digital ephemera sheets created by ITKUPILLI founder of Collage Obsession and one of my favorite sellers on Etsy and elsewhere.

The base image was supplied by her and many of the embellishments on this collage draw from her sheets.


  1. This is fabulous, Rick. Beautiful presentation for this theme. Love it! I am on the I Brake for Stamps Design Team, Rick. I love your collection of teddies and clowns. Kudos for your awesome art. Hugs, Gayle.

  2. She is so lavishly 'bejewelled', Rick.
    Very stunning indeed.

  3. I like that, it is look fantastic.

  4. Magnificent!!! I looked at her for a long time!!!
    Thanks for coming by my place!!

  5. A woman can only dream of being so bejewelled. Wonderful.

    And can I please live in the castle in the sky on the left? Pretty please?:-)

  6. Wow, look at her now, sparkling beauty. Very fresh.

    It's your turn next Sunday, can't wait to see what kind of challenge you build up for us.;)

  7. Over the top Rick. Yes indeede I do so admire your Madonna.

  8. Rick, thank you for visiting my blog
    and nice comment
    Your collage is beautiful, interesting composition

  9. Hello, Rick! Wow, I really love your interpretation of the challenge - "Our Lady of the Jewels" would be a fantastic icon to have on a wall. There's never too much decoration and beautiful things.

  10. The main thing I want to say here is...Can I Be Her?! I would love to be surrounded in jewels like that. Absolutely gorgeous! Bellissima!!


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