Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FAMILY challenge

This weeks challenge on Collage Obsession is about Family----I started at the pyramids and made it an unbroken line of generation that just got stranger-I think Families are often like that.

I later rethought the subject not as a subject but as a scenario and borrowed some inspiration from BALZAC to create the 2nd version above.


This is not a topic I often take on-strange little children yes buy families not so much.


  1. It seems that there is a twist in the family tree! Dark and interesting piece!

  2. Rick, I was sure that your family piece would be something extraordinary and I was right. This is fantastic, so many peculiar members in this family - as is often the case, like you say. Wonderful colourful piece!

  3. I think both are proper interpretations of Family -could be mine as I study each piece, especially the second one! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  4. I think that both of the pieces are very profound AND extremly well done!

  5. Regarding your newest addition: shhhhhhhh, secrets are meant to be kept!
    I REALLY like this one alot!


  6. Rick you continue to think "outside the box" in your artwork, which I strongly admire. Excellent work.

  7. Such fantastic work! I haven't joined in these challenges in a while, but may have to jump back in. I must say, your family interpretations seem to be a true representations of many of today's families - strange, strange, strange!

  8. This is an amazing piece! Is it for sale? let me know.


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