Monday, February 28, 2011


From the W H Auden translation of Mozarts Magic Flute:

Music makes us
wise and free
Join in peacful

I have done "The Magic Flute as a designer, director and sand Papageno probably a couple dozen times and ASTRAFIAMANTE-the glorious queen of the Night with her two colouratura arias like celestial fireworks are amongst my Favorites.

Music was the theme for collage obsession this week and I couldnt help but borrow Bougereau's Le Nuit to stand in for the angry queen-sandwiched with a baroque starry dome, a renaissance angel and the flute line of the opera (with some other random elements to creat my collage for this week.

Simpler than what I usually do but theres nothing more I could add to flesh it out further.

Thanks to Tiffany for the theme and some elements of this weeks challenge!!


  1. So so gorgeous! Beautiful work as always. xx

  2. Really a stunning creation, I love the movement!

  3. Very vibrant and strong colours, like a dream. In fact your whole creation is beautifully dream-like, very touching too.

  4. Beautiful...
    I just love the background blue, the stars, the music notes...well, just everything about this. I am inspired. Isn't this why we do challenges in the first place? Thank you!

  5. This is amazing- and definitely evokes The Magic Flute for me. I can hear the queen's aria in my head right now..... Great work.

  6. this is another evocative piece for music. Very sensitive to the theme


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