Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Dark House Challenge

This was my week to design the challenge for collage obsession and I decided I wanted to start with a background and let the artists work foreward (rather than surrounding a central figure).

I pposted the black and white "SANDWICH" above-the house being one element sandwich with the cloudy sky. The finished piece is at the end of my post, below.

I feel that collage is like OPERA or Ballet-you can have a lot going on at once that tells a story.

Through colour, layering and imagery I hope my opus for this week "Protect the children" fufills the storytelling aspect at least.

I love spooky, ghostlike images especially when they are layered so that one must study carefully exactly what one is seeing in the finished composition-I also love allegorical elements.

By combining many layers of colours and textures before I added the "ghosts" I think I achieved the feeling I wanted to convey-I did a little photoshop plastic surgery on the "villan" to make him even more ominous and added some elements from Itkupilli's Steam Punk and Skellies digital design packet to finish off the design.

If you can enjoy a little shiver I hope you enjoy this piece-as you can see I just can't wait for Halloween!!


  1. This one is my favorite you've done so far!

  2. Thought provoking to try and imagine all the stories of the ghosts of the past. Very interesting, Rick, and it makes me wonder where the rest of the skeleton is hiding in the house. Excellently presented. Hugs,Gayle.

  3. this house has many stories to tell!!!

  4. What a gathering of spirits, with Mr. Evil overlooking all! Gives me shivers, Rick -- exactly your intent!

  5. Just a fantastic collage Rick. Wonderful xx

  6. Hi Rick, for giving us an interesting task for this week. Your interpretation is very interesting. We are pleased to visit your blog

  7. Very scary (which is good)! I wouldn't go in there. LOL.

  8. I'm a bit behind in blog reading. I love the original and have to say, you did a great job on the final one because it seriously creeps me out! The guy in the forefront with the red eyes is what creeps me out the most. Great job!
    Hugs Linda Marino


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