Thursday, February 24, 2011


Elite design team member CARINA sent me this lovely wintry Unicorn card she did and I just had to share it.

Fantasy is back strong with dragons, fairies, unicorns and all sorts of mystical subjects returning strong and popular.

I do see a more sophisticated colour palette with these images-less pastel rainbow and more earthy or seasonal-a good direction in my opinion.

Watch this blog in MARCH for the first BLAST from my Elite Design Team Members (still time for a few of you to submit your work for consideration-I believe I have 3 spaces left on the EDT.

In MARCH the team will bring you unique and unusual projects using my "clippings" designs-the elfin faces in various flowers-perfect for spring and mothers day.

Thanks again to Carina for the gorgeous Unicorn card!!!


  1. What a gorgeous card and I just love the unicorn.

  2. This is beautiful. I love Unicorns. Of course, the design of this card got me thinking of Carousel animals and how beautiful your designs would be as Carousel animals! *hint* *hint*
    Hugs Linda Marino


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