Tuesday, February 8, 2011

VEROOSHKA - The Valentine Poster Girl

Back in December I decided to do some sprite like creatures sort of crossed with high fashion models-I did a sheet of garden sprites and a large sprite and then decided to do a Holiday themed version.

Kandy Kane of Holly lane was the result -a leggy creature with ornaments and candy canes and all sorts of holiday swag adorning her lithe frame.

She was a little wild and edgy but that's the nice thing about ETSY an artist can go outside the box and do some more edgy items since the listings aren't too expensive and see if anyone enjoys the item.

It was obvious fairly quickly that Kandy was very popular in Russia and Scandinavia the Europe in general so popular in fact I decided to do a sequel and that's how Verooshka was born.

Verooshka Valentine-the heart breaker in her perky skirt and garters bedecked in hearts was my centerpiece for my Valentine collection-a new queen of hearts for a new age.

I received many versions of Verooshka back from artists so I thought I would share some of them with you in this post.

Ekaterina Easter the artist hasn't been too popular but its early yet-Easter comes late this year-I have to think up a follow up for her to span the summer months.

Yes I have named the "girls" with "Russian" names in honor of their fans-thanks to all you designers who have made them a part of your projects!

Kandy, Ekaterina and Verooshka will all retire this year and will be replaced by new versions later in the season.

Samples by Lena Katrine (Candy Box) and Hazel at Didos Designs (card)



  1. I love her and actually ekaterina is on my list to purchase I can't wait.

  2. Oh WOW Rick thanks for showing my card off. Love Hazelxo

  3. Well done to Lena and my friend Hazel (a wave) ! Gorgeous creations. X :)


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