Saturday, March 5, 2011

CLIPPINGS for spring-Elite Design Team projects

Spring is upon us and with it projects turn to flowers and whimsy.
I asked my design team to use images from my CLIPPINGS collection (4 sheets of designs available-hop over to ETSY for a design team special) to create projects that “were not cards” but used the images in interesting ways.
This is the first assignment for my Elite Design Team Members and I think they did a great job!

CLIPPINGS was an idea I came up with awhile back and feature flowers wit elfish faces and ranges from Daisies and Roses to orchids and Poinsettias.
Based on the idea of “FLOWER SPIRITS” I just loved creating these little characters and I think they are a great addition to cards and other projects as you will see in the samples that follow.

I love this cachepot using a variety of flower types but how about choosing a “flower spirit” for each family member and adding names to the project? What a cute and personalized gift that would be.
Another project from Helene is the “Plant Pick” which could also be used to brighten up a gift plant and stay on long after the flowers had withered to brighten up the room.

Again, consider a personalization “flag” on the dowel to make this a special gift-how about making up a bunch on Merry Christmas poinsettias or Mistletoe pics and using them on gifts as gift tags-then moving them into house plants as holiday d├ęcor?
So Many ideas…
Thanks to Helene for this project.
Elaine did this charming boutique tissue box cover-she did it from scratch and made her own pattern etc.-less adventurous crafters could buy a premade tissue box cover at Michaels or Jo Anne’s (Or your local craft outlet) and combine similar elements to create a similar feel with less effort.

I love the colours and textures Elaine used and how she repeated the iris pattern to create this cute but sophisticated look.
Carina went a completely different way and did book marks…I love this simple but useful deign and with a little thought this could be sent in a card as a sweet remembrance…I love these kinds of projects that are easily mailable.
Mother’s day is on the way and would one of these book marks be a lovely addition to a beautiful coordinated card all made by you?

I envision garden aprons with “clippings” scattered across them in the form of iron on transfers-HP makes a great high quality iron on that you can print from an Ink Jet and they even have a version for darker colours that I have used with great success on dark coloured backgrounds-another nice gift for someone who gardens-resize the images and iron on a flower bed of garden sprites on the FINGERS on white cotton garden gloves-useful for gardeners but also a finger puppet glove for a new mom or a toy for a toddler.

With some imagination and a little effort these “CLIPPINGS” will bloom in your spring crafts and maybe find themselves lasting all year long…
I also wanted to share an idea I published many years ago to make a soap dish or candy dish that could change with the seasons….
Buy TWO clear glass dishes about the size of a dessert plate-clear uncoloured works best but pale pink or lavender are also nice-be sure when stacked they sit firmly atop one another…now print off your digi stamp designs and either make one for the center of the plate or scatter a number around on the bottom plate a tiny bit of double stick tape on the back of the paper with hold it in place-when you have your designed coloured and in place put the 2nd dish over the first to seal in your design and you’re finished!
You can also fit a paper lace doily on the plate as a background for your images.
More spring ideas from my wonderful design team Next month-Happy St’ Paddy’s day and here comes Easter…

I was blown away by the watering can "Candy Box" which Carnia created for this blog piece-really the perfect finale piece-I just love it!!!!

Be sure and visit the EDT blogs from Elaine, Helene and Carina for more info about their designs!!


  1. Ah these are stunning what sweet images, what a wonderful DT you have. Such great ideas and WOW that Watering can is amazing, Love Hazelxox

  2. They are all wonderful! I think everyone did a great job. I love the plant spike and can think of a lot of uses for those! The bookmark is a great idea, the watering can is fabulous, perhaps someone has a Cricut? All the other designs are great as well. Congrats to a great team! Hugs Linda Marino

  3. Your little faces are so precious!!
    And I love the plant pick!!
    You have put a smile on my face and on the faces of others who visit your art here. So the world is that much nicer with all those smiles being carried across the globe.


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