Friday, March 18, 2011

A Fashionable Invitation EDT Challange

I asked my wonderful ELITE DESIGN TEAM to create a more adult "High Fashion" invitation using feathers, rhinestones and Fedora Fashionplate but no flowers.

I also assigned them each a colour to work with-Lavender, Blue, Pink or Yellow but to keep sophisticated and more of an evening event in mind.

I think they all did a splendid job and I hope you will agree.

Each project has it's own panache-I love the beaded stickpins and the idea of an Invitation BOX that could hold after dinner mints or a little gift.

The stand up cards could be echoed at the party as Placecards; personalized keepsakes to take home and treasure.

I think omitting the flowers makes the designs more sophisticated and elegant, again this is my taste I'm sure many will not agree.

FEDORA is part of the fashionista series that includes Ekaterina Easter and Kandy Kane-they have been very popular especially with my European/UK fans I hope to have Sophia SUMMER available very soon on my Etsy shoppe.

As always I would love to see what you create and remember if you send in a design that is published on my Blog you will recieve a Thank You sheet of images as a gift from me.

I'm in the mood for a party-Thanks to Elaine, Helene, Tine and Carina my wonderful EDT Ladies!!!

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  1. WOW stunning work as always and Oh My another Lady for my wish list. She is stunning, Thanks for sharing the inspiration with us, Hazelxoxox


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