Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Della emailed me to tell me her latest designs from MOI are up at I brake for Stamps-she still has MORE waiting in the wings-They do such a great job with my designs I am so happy to be working with them.

If you want rubber stamps rather than Digis-Della at IBFS has the exclusive contract for my designs...check em out!

THERE IS ALWAYS A LINK ON MY BLOG DOWN THERE ON THE LEFT but of course you could also bookmark her page...

Thanks to all who support both my site AND IBFS!!!!!


  1. Rick, I love the new bears! Will they be available in a digital format, too?

  2. My agreement with IBFS is that the designs she carries are exclusive to her company-I can have a similar design but not the SAME design.

    If enough people wanted the bears in digi format I could do a set of similar images.

    Wait till you see the Halloween designs...


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