Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome our newest EDT Member TINE

Our FOURTH Elite Design Team member is TINE from Norway.

"Hi, I called Tine E. S. Kristiansen and is 34 years old. Coming from a small cozy village west coast of Norway where I live with my fiance, our daughter of 3 years and his son in 13 years living with us every other week.

I have "always" been doing some hobby stuff. But I did not start with this hobby until a little after our daughter was born. I wanted to make albums to her and "stumbled" over any Internet shops. Then I went on my first scrap shop and then it was done. I was hooked on this hobby.

My style .. Well what shall I say. Do I have a style? I think I can make a lot different. But if it's right right in it and the style I do not know. I create cards / boxes as I want and like, so it may be what style it will for me;)

Appreciate being allowed to participate in the design team here and looking forward to get started with Rick's amazing digital stamps:)"

Enjoy Tine's project which she submitted at my request and I'm sure you will enjoy what she submits in the future!

This is a holder for individually wrapped candies but could also be adapted to hold tea bags in individual wrappers.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Tine! Love to have you on the team! :D
    Love the box you've made :D

    Klem (Hugs)



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