Sunday, May 22, 2011

MAGIC in the Water

ItkuPilLi (Kirsi) our talented and fearless leader at Collage Obsession asked for mermaids this week (and even provided some wonderful images)!

I chose to use one of the mermaids from her mermaids ephemera sheet (available at her ETSY shoppe) and a more contemporary image than I usually use because I instantly thought of this image as a collage-a red headed freckled girl with a mermaid in her fishbowl...

So here we have "MAGIC in the water"...

Mermaids are supposed to be the next craze-they seem to figure heavily in the new Pirates of the Carribean movie-severa; new books about mermaids will be appearing in bookshoppes and a few more mermaid movies as well.

Fine by me as I have collected mermaids for years and have about 300 give or take-in porcelin, pewter, glass, wood, silver etc.

One of my prized object d'arte is an arte nouveau lamp with a signed Tiffany glass shell---

Thanks Kirsi for this weeks challenge-I love it!


  1. Great, love it, such a different take on the subjetc.

  2. This is why the internet is so FAB! And Collage Obsession. You learn things about people that are so interesting! Now we know that you collect Mermaids...and I'd love to see that Tiffany treasure!

    Oh, and I'm anxious to see the 'doozie' you have planned for next week.

    Great fishbowl and that little girl looks SO happy!

    Have a great week,

  3. A wonderful interpretation! You have captured the essence of magic and childlike wonder in this beautiful piece!


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