Sunday, May 29, 2011

My challenge at Collage Obcession

Surrealism-I asked the participants to create a surreal scene using one or more of their past collages as a part of the composition and offered my creation (shown) as an example.

Hope you enjoy seeing the collages I create digitally? They are also available as a collection on my portfolio at Carbonmade (


  1. Incredible, Rick!
    (What a challenge you've given us this week & a wonderful example to look at!)

  2. Hi Rick, did not think I would make it surreal enough, but it was a great challenge, the clothes did not get washed and husband had to make lunch.

    Your image is awesome.

  3. Great challenge Rick very unusual (that's good) and lots of awesome sample picture too!

  4. Thanks for an interesting challenge, Rick. Surreal is truly your forte' !


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