Sunday, July 24, 2011

ItKuPilLi's Paintbox - Honeysuckle

Our fearless leader has given us this week a challenge of colour rather than subject.

She chose a pantone color swatch which is quite popular called "Honeysuckle".

Borrowing and twisting a bit from a haunted mansion I thought of this phrase, "When honeysuckle twines in dark places".

E Voila! This weeks offering-hope you enjoy it---it was actually quite a challenge to make something so candybox sweet go a little musty and sour.


  1. That is very soft and well put together, bravo

  2. Aah a man after my own heart...once again you have risen to the challenge and mustied out that disgustingly cheerful shade of "Pepto Bismol". Well done!!!

  3. Your collages are always interesting, cause there is so much to see. I like this one, it´s super cute, so it fits so perfect with the color.

    Thank you for participating. :)

  4. Your artwork is gorgeous, Rick, and so beautifully created.

  5. Beautiful! A perfect combination of sweet, bitter, and the passage of time. Very well done!!

  6. I happen to love honeysuckle and THIS piece!


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