Friday, July 22, 2011

The world turns to NORWAY...

In the city and country where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded; in a country that hosted a beautiful Olympics in the recent past; a country celebrated at Walt Disney World's EPCOT World Showcase---only about 5 million people in the entire country, less that metropolitan Los this peaceful place terrorism has killed an as yet unknown number of people many of them children at a youth camp.

I am particularly attached to Norway because I have long been associated with the ELCOA a branch of the Lutheran Church which has many Norwegians as followers.

When I began my digital stamp business it was the largest scrap booking group in Norway that helped support me and gave me advertising via their newsletter.

I still sell to MANY crafters that came from that promotion, many of them in other countries but many in NORWAY proper.

When terrorism strikes it affects us all no matter where we are in the world.

Gaining power by cruelty and killing the innocent whether it is Oklahoma City, the streets of Beirut, New York on 9-11 or Oslo touches each of us and behind the fear a great anger brews against all those groups who use terrorist tactics under the delusion that it is right and proper.

No one yet knows exactly why Norway was targeted today.

Was it an internal problem targeting their president and the Labor Party he represents or was it an attackin retribution long promised for the cartoons that portrayed images which offended the Muslims?

Whatever the reason we must all stand together against such random acts of violence and destruction which resound around the globe and compromise everyone's quality of life and peace of mind.

Please take a moment to send good thoughts to the people of Norway-this wasn't an earthquake or a Volcano that shook their world...this was a man or a group of people with a agenda that they chose to advance by first bombing a government building but then turning on the children of Norway and killing them in cold blood at a summer camp.

One can imagine an island in a lake with terrified young people literally swimming away from the island (as has been reported on the news here) to escape a gunman who spoke fluent Norweigen and whose agenda has yet to be disclosed.

Apparently this man was also seen in Oslo shortly before the explosions there.

The media is saying this is the worst terrorist attack since London in 2005 and the worst attack on Norway since WW2.

My heart goes out to all the people of Norway but also to all the people across the world who are touched by terrorism or have been touched because when something like this happens it reawakens those feelings we all try so hard to put aside.

Only by joining together and refusing to succomb to the pressures of terrorists can we ever hope to have a world at peace.


  1. Amen to that. Wish we could all live in peace.

  2. As the news from Norway gets worse-now over 90 dead seemingly at the hands of one man-it also seems to be a Muslim backlash-I have wondered when people would start taking out their fear and anger on Muslim extremeists-so here it is...
    now there will be retaliation and escalation of this tension I fear...


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