Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Patience...I have none.

Why me Lord?
I haven’t been feeling at all well-battling some nasty cold/flu virus for over a week.

Today was the first day I can actually breathe AND talk almost normally.

How did I spend my day?

Trying desperately not to be a jerk to some poor person who just couldn’t seem to understand that I had emailed their digi stamps as attachments last week and they were lurking somewhere on their computer.

Probably in the spam file.

So many of my peers have gone to the download code-not for me-just too impersonal and high tech.

I like sending a note along with the goods and thanking the person and if the email doesn’t bounce I am at least somewhat assured that it arrived---I do this all the time to many countries without a hitch.

I guess the question I am blogging is how long can I be expected to be JOB the patient and serene before I go ballistic and get sarcastic and mean?

I understand there are all sorts of people on the internet and many of them are not highly conversant with computers and complicated things like “attaching a photo or image”.

Now I can make Photoshop do just about anything, I can use a word processing program with some degree of skill, I am considered the “GO TO GUY” for patient explanations of how to do things on your computer that you don’t understand how to do.

Hand me a pair of scissors, draw a line on a piece of paper and ask me to cut out a square and you will get a mess-that is not my forte’…I draw, I paint, I compute but I have my design team ladies to make pretty samples because I am only mediocre at that sort of thing and stand in awe of those (like my friend Dee) who can turn out neatly done, exact, machine like precision in crafting…I am , after all, male.

Testosterone, as any competatnt doctor will tell you, compromises the motor skills and renders most men incapable of doing much in the neat, tidy and intricate with their paws.

Before you start telling me stories of fishing flies, carving and other such mostly male pursuits that are recognized as art-I agree-get the same guy to tat you up a lovely antimacassar and I will be impressed.

I actually had a dentist who was not only straight AND a nice guy but he went with his wife to tole painting classes and other crafty things and he was GOOOOOD at it…I actually was more impressed with his tole painting skills than the fact he could drill a good filling.

But this is obviously some bizarre aberrant thing having to do with genetics and special reasoning-string theory.

But having taken the Burma Road to get to my point-I detest being a jerk to anyone-that said I am now past 60-barely…well 2 years past, and my fuse (nothing dirty implied here) has shortened.

God Bless me I am an equal opportunity jerk and when irritable I am nasty to anyone who wonders into my path.

Understand that “nasty” for me is very relative---anything less that my Disneyland Magic Cast member persona is unacceptable to me.

Growling, however softly, at another person isn’t my thing and makes me feel like a shmuck.

Ah well, that’s why we have blogs so we can VENT.

One of these days I am just going to have a vesuvian pyroclastic blast and completely lose it-that will be an exciting event.

Back to the missing digis….sigh….why is it they don’t have problems with this method in Norway and the Ukraine but right here near home? Hopeless…

Oh I am very good at decorating cakes...I do killer roses...life's little rewards you know?

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  1. Only in America... =)

    It's a huge country, there are bound to be one or two digitally challenged there hehe


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