Sunday, August 14, 2011


Dian asked us "What's in the glass?" and provided the glass so I am aware that it is not the correct service for a pink lady cocktail...

My Mother always drank a pink lady (or twelve) back in the party days of the 50's-in the 70's she switched to PINK SQUIRRELS...

I actually heard someone order a squeeling PINK virgin naked on the beach---I was tempted to ask....but didn't

So mes amies...My glass is full of Pink Lady, creamy, smooth, fragrent and lethal.

Dian HATES Pink BTW :-)

Bon Nuit!!!

PINK LADY with recipe, Collage Obsession 2011-Dian's Challenge


  1. She is the best!!!
    What fun.
    I also was thinking pink lady!!

  2. Can I have one, I need it the mind is stuck on abstract, great image.

  3. Double the applejack and hold the fly...your pink lady is gorgeous...Bravo!!!

  4. I may hate pink, but I LOVE this piece -- especially that slice of pink lemon. Of course, where else would pink lemonade come from?

  5. It makes your mouth water.....Love this!

  6. Oh wow! A Pink Lady is always better than a Black Russian.


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