Sunday, August 21, 2011


Eila in her challenge this week asks for something about roots:
I immediatly thought of GAIA the primordeal earth goddess-the root of all things and many think the earth today is a living entity and we are just cogs in the wheel.
With symbols of earth, air, fire and water and most importantly DNA woven into her adornments GAIA is my ultimate representation of ROOTS.

Thanks EILA for an interesting challenge!!!

Roots - Collage Obsession - RSD 2011


  1. What can I say, this is a striking piece with a lot to look at, snakes for earrings, the apple etc. Bravo

  2. Earthworms actually-I thought snakes would be too cliche with the apple

  3. Wow, that is a masterwork, Rick! The face mask is superb and I can't say enough things about your color work. Wonderful!!

  4. Fabulous take on the challenge I love the mask and all the other beautiful details...great job!!!

  5. Fascinating depiction of GAIA!

  6. Rick, your collage really impressed me! It's beautiful and it has something important to tell us. I love the way you have woven all the elements together, and there's so much to see. Thank you for participating in the challenge!


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