Thursday, September 1, 2011

GOING BATTY -Design Team Challenge

I have asked my Elite Design Team to produce a project using a new BAT design I did for this years digi collection.

YOU asked for more SCARY less Cutesy so I am trying to please everyone.

Anyway I asked my design ladies for a card that was very over the top, glittery, complicated, bizarre but also traditional colours...I will be publishing their projects over the next few weeks-so watch this page for some spooky ideas.

They also had to use the words "GOING BATTY" on their project and once all their projects are posted I will have a very special announcement so watch forthat as well.

HAZEL (not Witch Hazel) came through first with this sparkeled up card-her FIRST card BTW and I think its just spiffy.

She says she thought he was a very scary bat but got more friendly after she sparkled him up.

Hazel has been sick for several weeks and it sure seems like the same bug I caught so I guess I got it in sympathy-glad she is feeling better (and so am I).

GO BATTY with us-if you have a BAT design on a card send it to me at
and I will publish the best of the designs-please be sure to give me the particulars on whose images you used etc.

BATS ONLY!!! and in traditional Halloween colours please (Black, Orange, Purple, Poison Green, Yellow, Grey) you will recieve a thank you gift via email if your design is used on the blog-deadline is Oct 1, 2011.

We're all GOING BATTY so come on and play along!!!

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  1. I think it was the same bug as it sounds very similar. Horrible things!!
    Looking forward to seeing the Batty Cards you get from other folks.


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