Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Because we need it...because we never need another 9-11, or Holocaust, or any tragic violence leading to misery, sadness and loss...because it's long past time and before it's too late...please...let us have peace on our earth and let EVERYONE love whom they wish without judgement...please...

COLLAGE OBSESSION weekly challenge PEACE (Tiffany via Kaylene) Sept 11, 2011
Rick St. dennis


  1. This is exquisite, Rick. I echo your sentiments completely.

  2. Rick, there is so much to look at, the swan's are an unique touch to a thought provoking image. I like the touch of grunge and colours. Hope you are recovering and getting back on top of things. bravo

  3. That's wonderful! The aging on the frame and that overall crackle finish give it a beautifully ancient look. Applause!!


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