Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Young Guy Across the street...

I find it interesting that people don’t like to go to the dentist and how often they have horror stories about dental office visits.

One of my best friends was just telling me about his former dentist who dropped a drill bit down his throat, not once but twice, and panicked about it shouting at his patient to not swallow and not make a fuss as he attempted to tweezers it out of his throat.

As an adult I have been very lucky to have several really good dentists-since I have really poor teeth this has been lucky for me.

I find dentists very interesting.

Generally they have all the appeal of doctors but are usually less rumpled and distracted and also are often quite creative dabbling in sculpture and other artistic pursuits.

The also have very clean hands-gloves aside.

My former dentist was a tole painter and tied fly fishing lures.

He was quite good at both.

He was also the darling of many of his female patients and the bane of their husbands since her frequently attended craft classes with his wife and shopped with her at local craft Shoppe’s and craft conventions

My current dentist is a genius.

I have decided I really like Chinese American medical professionals-my primary care doctor is Chinese-3rd generation American and so is my Dentist-as a matter of fact they may actually know each other at least via their families.

My dentist is also quite attractive, has a great personality, takes wonderful pictures, many underwater shots, and is disgustingly fit-no chubby dental guy there, slender and toned.

He is referred to as “that young Asian guy across the street”.

I live in a retirement community and we have a number of dentists in the area-I don’t know all their names but I know exactly who is being referred to when someone says “that quack down in the center” or “that foreign guy up the boulevard”.

Such is the nomenclature of the various retired folks in my area.

Anyway I had made the mistake of going to “the quack” and several people said I should try “the young guy” so I did and I liked him a lot.

I hate shots as you probably know if you’ve read my blog and there are a couple of dental numbing injections that are particularly nasty-one is the palatal and the other one I refer to as the “hinge one”.

My dentist told me what it’s called but “the hinge one” is so much easier to remember.

My dentist, the handsome genius, can do either of these procedures absolutely painlessly.

He will warn that there may be the obligatory “pinch” but so far-no pinch.

This is because he is a genius AND because he is very careful, slow and methodical-he doesn’t rush to get you numb-he's more concerned that it doesn’t hurt-this is a good thing.

My former dentist had a “lodge” inspired office which went well with his tole painting, crafts and fly fishing.

It was dark and, well. Lodgey…it always seemed like it was about to be Thanksgiving in his office.

I had never been to a dentist’s office that had red plaid curtains and bear tracks across the ceiling but I figured the curtains were a good idea-in case of an errant spray of blood from the drill it wouldn’t stain the curtains…blood stained curtains do not instill confidence.

“The young guy across the street” where I go has redecorated his office within the time I have been going there.

It has a tranquil, oceany, spa like feeling (no curtains that I can remember).

It’s nice.

He has TVs with do it yourself shows and cooking shows in each room, a Zen fountain, and of course lots of his photographs framed on the walls.

Makes you want to settle in for a root canal-I have actually dozed off in his chair…recently.

Speaking of the dreaded root canal…my Mother had instilled in me that after child birth and the pain of raising ungrateful children, a root canal is the next most painful and horrible thing.

I have not found this to be true.

Having now had a number of root canals I find them not much worse than a filling-there are any number of things I find less pleasant than a root canal.

Dentistry having progressed quite a great deal in the last century many of the things that used to be painful are now much less uncomfortable.

DRILLS for instance are no longer powered by the dentist working a pedal not unlike a singer sewing machine-they are high speed and much sharper than they used to be.

Also that sucky thing they used to hang on your lip to suction up excess spit is now a clean white wand wielded by a dental assistant along with a water spray thing and the air blower.

So when the dentist needs things wetter or dryer he has a helper who sees that it all happens.

This is probably why a filling used to be 10 bucks and is now hundreds of dollars but really it’s worth it considering the décor, assistant and painless injections and root canals.

Dentistry is actually a bargain.

Doctors give you sample pills now and then but the dentist often gives you swag bags with toothbrushes, floss, mouth wash and toothpaste samples-useful stuff that also can be packed in your travel case.

Dental Floss…now there’s a pain in the ass.

I think many dentists must have stock in dental floss companies since they pitch the stuff like asphalt driveway replacement or swimming pools.

Dentists are preoccupied with dental floss and they make sure you are driven to distraction when you don’t use the stuff.

My genius dentist recently told me I was killing him when I admitted I do not floss regularly.

It’s not that I want to endanger his health and well-being it’s that I am a lazy ass and I forget to floss.

I don’t much like to floss-I don’t mind brushing and rinsing but flossing is annoying and uncomfortable.

I tried dental TAPE-it is more comfortable than the floss but is still a pain in the ass.

I would rather have a root canal.

I also like my hygienist a great deal-she used to be the geniuses hygienist when he was a kid before he decided to be a dentist, now she works across the hall from him almost every day.

The cleanings are also much more comfortable and she has this neat clicky thing when she has to go mining in the deep pockets-it’s great.

I have no idea why I felt compelled to expound on the “young guy across the street” and how good he is at what he does but like the cut of men’s trousers and other strange things the world dictates to me what I write about…today it happened to be dentists.

Also I was just over there for a root canal and I had forgotten how comfy it all is.
But that’s in HIS office it’s not at all comfy at the quack’s or the foreigner up the boulevard.

Oh if you wondered the tole painting fly tier guy retired but this guy’s way better anyway.

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  1. I switched from the old drill, em fill em, charge em military plummer type, to a younger guy with everything computerized and it is very pleasant. Have mouth full of metal that he is replacing with fast perfect implants. In fact as a retiree I am replacing all medical providers with younger models in the hopes they will be around as I age. And i love looking at my body parts on the screen and feeling that it is ME we are talking about, not the population in general.


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