Monday, October 24, 2011


Tiffany returns and challenges the players to create nightmares or dreams-I offer neither, or both...the decision is yours...

Collage Obsession Oct 2011


  1. Rick there is so much going on I cannot say if it is a nightmare or not, but it is an attention grabber. Thank you for your comment, I would love to be able to print a lot of my images, but a lowly Epson printer!!!!!

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is. I know it's a nightmare because of the word "bonjour"...French definitely a nightmare.

  3. A wonderfully evocative piece of work! The figure marks the transition very well, as if we are looking at his memories of the past juxtaposed with the aged quality of the future -- or is it a transition from age to childhood? The all-seeing eye on his chest is a very nice touch, and I like the way that there are only a couple of touches of color against the black and white. There is a very enigmatic feel to it.

  4. Isn't it true that sometimes it's hard to say if a dream is a nightmare or just a dream? Your piece is a wonderful (and beautiful) collage of dreamlike elements.

  5. Rick, you put a spin on this I hadn't thought of: you're leaving it up to us to decide. Excellent! I love that your piece has elements of both.

    I slso agree with Dian --- love the touch of color you've added.

    Well, let's see... I think it's a NIGHTMARE. Looking closely, I see that the young man is beautiful, yet I see the SKELETON underneath his face. NICE TOUCH! I think he's going to die soon because of doing something careless ( as a lot of young people do!)... Maybe he even knows that, yet can't change his ways ---and that's a nightmare in itself...

    That was fun, Rick! I'm sure everyone will have a different take on your creation. It's much like our dreams --- which are open to various interpretations.


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