Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pastel Tint

Kirsi's challenge on COLLAGE OBSESSION this week was to tint a black and white or sepia tone photo using a pastel colour wheel.

I have done this image several times before-it;s one of my favorites for Halloweeny sorts of cards etc but usually I have polarized the image and used hotter colours so doing a softer version was fun and I also tried some grunge filters to give a weathered mildewed effect to the finished piece.

It's interesting when you compare the pastel image above with the garish ATC image below how much one can get in range from one image.



  1. So lovely photo, and indeed, your images show how much unlimited possibilities you have with one image, the imagination is the only limit I can´t tell, which one I like most, cause I love them both.

    Thank you for participating. :)

  2. Wonderful job, I love them both....

  3. Superb work on both, yes it is amazing how much mileage you can get, love them both and your work.

  4. It is great! One of these days I will learn how to do that! Don't you ever wonder if the family of some of these vintage photos will ever come across them on the web and cringe? lol

    Have a sunny day!
    Linda M

  5. Fantastic I love the Halloween kids but of course both pictures are wonderful...well done!!!


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