Friday, November 25, 2011


Turkey day is over-except for tripping over a throw rug and breaking a couple toes in the process it was a quiet day spent with friends.

I managed not to over eat, traffic wasn't too bad and I was home in bed by 11pm-an OK day to spend a day that seems so full of stress for others.

My shopping is done, I managed to be creative with my cards and gifts this year...I love to shop and I especially love to gift things to friends and family that I have put a lot of thought and research into.

I am so thankful for my sponge brain able still to retain mental notes to myself so I remember when someone mentions something in April to put it on my Christmas list in the fall.

Last year I discovered ZAZZLE-an online service for creating custom items like mugs and ornaments using one's own art and design...a little pricey but they put out a good product, often have sales and ship promptly with a money back guarantee.

So my BIL will get a gift that is unexpected but that he actually asked for, I can add a few family portrait ornaments to my sisters growing collection and everyone will get something that has a little of my artwork on it this year (like it or not).

ETSY always turns up a few great ideas and finds---last year I got my sister a birds nest which held three egg shaped stones in it with her kids names engraved on them-a unique and lovely item that one would never find in a department store.

I had mugs made with my Christmas collages on them and used them as holders for candy, cocoa mix and other little treasures-those seemed to be a big hit.

This year I also remembered to shop over at BROADWAY CARES an organization which helps many charities across the USA especially AIDS/HIV charities.

For a number of years they have been doing a Christmas CD where the casts of each years Broadway Season record a holiday song which is turned into a compilation.

Not only are these recording unusual, fresh and unique but they create a "living" history of each Broadway season and those who performed.

The website also sells various other Broadway related merchandise and part of your purchase is tax deductible-a great source for your friend or family member who loves the theatre and a showtune.

AMAZON seems to always come through for me-did you know you can order groceries on AMAZON? It's true...but pretty much everything else as well is available-I opted this year to join Amazon PRIME so I get free two day shipping on everything (and streaming video on demand of X FILES)...I had fun comparing prices between sites and watching the packages roll in with discount price's on many items.

Last but certainly not least EBAY---sort of "over" to many people and decidedly a different EBAY from the original version-however you can still find some great buys on EBAY and many items are BUY IT NOW priced...I actually opted for an auction of two and grabbed a couple treasures that I am delighted with and which will be the perfect gifts for friends that are hard to buy for.

That's me on the day after Turkey Day...mellow, a little sore but overall pretty Thankful for another holiday season, good friends, wonderful family and NEW family members this year-so odd to call my 90 year old aunt on Thanksgiving after have lost her for so many cousin was off to Palm Springs but hopefully I will get to spend a few precious hours with them before the holidays.

I hope all of you have a magical, sparkling holiday season this year and all through 2012-be sure to watch A CHRISTMAS STORY-Ralphie and his family remind me so much of Christmases in my childhood...I never did get a BB gun and one of the kids across the street from me actually almost did shoot his brothers eye out...I hate it when parents get that kind of empirical ammunition.

The graphic at the top of this post is my 2011 Christmas card-I did up the design in photoshop, created the card on Zazzle then hand jeweled them (profusely) and signed and numbered

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