Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The thing is...

How annoyed does arrogance make you? Myself, I am really tired of ignorance and arrogance. I read something today-a self-published profile about a crafter/artist who claims to be self- taught and in no time has achieved a professional level to her work. She doesn’t “get” the whole “vintage thing” nor does she “get” people who like Tim Holtz or Steam punk---or girlie things, or sparkle…the list goes on and on. There is a sense of pronouncement in the way she disses all these things-daring anyone to disagree. She is simply right. Then you look at her art. I would generally write all this off to over compensation-so many of us are fighting to have any ego at all or even a little confidence in what we do/create. Sadly, on occasion there is that person who seriously believes their own hype and happily lives in the dome of delusion that they have created for themselves. You watch some of these reality talent shows and wonder how these folks get the guts to stand up on television and perform badly? It’s even more tragic when they are truly angry and pompous as they storm off the stage…its one thing to believe in yourself and another to believe in something that never existed and never will exist. If you have read any of my ramblings about self-confidence you know that I believe in people whole heartedly and believe that you CAN be creative and productive despite your own misgivings and insecurities. The other end of that equation is those who learn the lesson and go too far in the opposite direction. I seriously don’t know anyone who I think has the right or privilege to be arrogant-add in ignorant and arrogant and I don’t want to share the planet with you. I suppose the reason is one of impotence-anyone who is so haughty and bereft of education is almost impossible to reason with and I don’t believe in beating people into submission. Nothing is nearly so frustrating as trying to talk sensibly to a person who truly believes that they know everything and anything and don’t mind reminding you of it should you cross their path. I’m sure there have been times when I have been perceived as arrogant-I obviously don’t suffer fools well and fools with ego even less so-but I assure you that I didn’t mean to come off as arrogant. I hate to make mistakes and I hate to ever appear ignorant but as much as I love to learn there are times when I have felt that I knew enough and didn’t need to know more. I almost always regretted those feelings. I realized in writing this that even the arrogant brunt of my rant has things to teach me-even if it’s how NOT to act.


  1. Had a good giggle while reading your post today. I understand your ranting and wish more of us could find the courage to stand up to those who criticize rather than offer constructive feedback. My mother is an artsy person (lots of different mediums) and me, well, I just play with paper and pens, lol. Even though my creations are devoid of artistic flare, mom supports my efforts! It boggles my mind that certain individuals feel the need to tear down what someone has created rather than help the person learn and grow. P.S. Thanks for the sale! I picked up 3 digis today!

    1. I hope you read my post from awhile back called Mona Lisa and the Laser-it speaks directly to what you are saying---I think you would enjoy it



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